“I Find Your Glasses Sexy” Is All It Took

My wife and I never wore glasses until we got into our forties.  What’s strange is the eyesight went south around the same time for both of us.  Mine is only bad reading, and usually if there is good light I’m fine… if I squint and hold my head at a certain angle…  I get by with fifty pairs of cheaters stashed all over the house, jeep and work area.  As my eyes get worse I will be doomed to glasses.  There will be no contacts for me.  I cannot put anything near my eye.  It’s my one weakness… I can watch and give myself shots in the arm and ass, I requested to remain awake during my bicep tendon repair last year (wasn’t allowed) I wanted to watch, I was awake during my vasectomy (with my wife standing next to the doc watching… that was weird), and I once had a wisdom tooth pulled without nova cane or anesthesia when it would not numb after nine shots.  I was too cheap to pay for the knock out gas.  That and three little kids in my wallet at the time…  However, my eyes are different.

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My wife loves to make fun of me.   When I’ve had pink eye.  I cannot even put the drops in my eye.  She has to do it and it is almost comical.  She straddles my arms and forces my eyes open.  Still, 90% of the medicine runs down my face.  Why is this? I have no idea.  I’ve had no eye tragedy.  No horrible water torture experience.  It’s just weird.

My wife decided to go with contacts.  Her reading is worse than mine now and distance is going south.  She has no problem putting in and removing the contact lenses.  I watch her in amazement as she slides a finger effortlessly across her eyeball.  She does have glasses she wears at night when she comes home from work.  To be honest, I find them damn sexy for some reason.  I’ve asked her why she doesn’t wear the glasses all the time.  She says at work, when working with patients, they slide off and are generally a pain.  I can understand that.

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Here’s the good part.  I’ve noticed her wearing the glasses more on the weekend lately.  I wondered if her contacts were bothering her.  She replied, “I wear them for you.  You said you liked them, I want you to be happy.” 

Wasn’t expecting that, but it is great to hear.  That’s my wife though.  If I mention I like something in passing, not all the time, but often it shows up soon after.

Then, last night we were watching the Netflix movie “The Bird Box” and a female character talked about how she was always taken care of.  First by her parents, then by her husband.  My wife looked at me and said, “Just like me.  Except not so much my parents, but I was like a kid.  We were kids when you started taking care of me.  That’s why I wear these for you.”  She pointed to her glasses.

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A little clarification.  She didn’t have a bad childhood, but her parents divorced, not amicably, when she was five.  Then, her mom moved her from New Jersey to Florida in middle school, which is a tough time to start over.  Shortly after getting here she met me and we started dating.  She did her own thing, worked, went to a major college in another city about an hour away.  I didn’t smother her, but I was always there for her from an early age.  I gave her the stability she was missing in her life up to that point.

She is not a “sharer” and the statement caught me off guard a bit.  We were drinking and she does open up with a few drinks.  I didn’t let it show that I was surprised by the statement.  I just said, “That’s what I do babe.”  She smiled at me and said, “I know.”  Then, turned back to the movie.

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Although I am a firm believer we make our own luck in our lives, I can’t help feeling fortunate in finding each other so early in life.  I was adrift without direction at the time.  She desperately needed a Captain.  We were, and still are, just what each other needed.

Related image    I know, not wearing glasses.  I had to dig deep to find pin ups wearing glasses.  This one, I just liked.  Glasses or not.

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