A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

As I’ve outlined here numerous times, our marriage is constantly changing and evolving into something better every day.  Here’s a little story of how we recently reached a new milestone.Image result for pin up writing

I enjoy photography.  I am by no means a professional, but I like taking pictures of nature and people.  Usually candid pictures of people, not so much portraits.  Over the years, I have broached the subject of some, shall we say, boudoir photography of my wife.  I have always been met with a resounding “No!”  This was for several reasons.  One, she struggled with sex and sexuality, particularly hers.  Two, she struggled with body image issues (I don’t know why, she’s hot), as many women do, and did not like the idea of photographing her (in her mind) problem areas.  I’m sure there were other reasons, but these were the main ones inhibiting her.

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She has since conquered her struggles with sex and sexuality, for the most part…   I have her convinced that with all her work in the gym over the years, she has built an amazing body.  A toned, muscular, fit, 48yo body, a shame to keep hidden.  To  the point where if we go to the beach alone, as we normally do, she will wear a tiny bikini of my choosing.  She digs them out and shows them too me asking, “which one.?”  (Ahh, it’s good to be her King…)  She still won’t wear the tiny ones to family functions, but I understand that.

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Betty Paige.  Haven’t convinced her to take it outside… yet..

With this in mind, and with the knowledge that asking permission is a flawed strategy in the bedroom, I took her strides in improved self image and daring to push her boundaries.  I had her lie on the bed and slowly run her hands over her body, I grabbed my camera and began photographing her.  Before I knew it, she was undressed and lets just say taking it to a new level.  Before we were done, we recorded a few “acts” and just like that, one more of my items were crossed off my bucket list.

She hasn’t asked to see them, but has since been willing to pose for more.  She seems to like it and look forward to it.

Here’s an unexpected side benefit to all this.  As I have said before, we have almost daily sex.  We usually never skip more than one day.  Recently, due to scheduling and generally a lack of time, we went two days.  By the second day I was ready to burst.  My usual go to on the rare self service occasion for “material” is Tumblr.  However, this time I had some material of my own.  If you have never had the pleasure of using pictures of the one you love you are missing out.  Yes, porn can be awesome.  I know.  However, it always lacks something in the end.  Using the pictures we took together made the experience so much more enjoyable.  I liked knowing and being familiar with the images.  How she feels, how she smells, sounds, moves.  I know it sounds corny, but fuck it.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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I especially liked her naughty smile and look of satisfaction when I told her about it…

Good stuff this marriage thing.  I just wish everyone could find it as enjoyable as we do.  If you don’t, I highly suggest you work towards making your marriage the best it can be.

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One thought on “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

  1. the beauty i see in this is the trust you’ve built up in her to be able to pull this off. developing and maintaining your frame is one thing … but trust, confidence, a knowing that she can depend on you completely. that’s powerful. you can have the former without the latter, but you cannot have the latter without the former.

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