Tackle That To Do List

It’s been a busy few weeks with the holiday, work and a new job search.  I’m ready to move on again…  I need something more challenging.  We will see what develops.

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In addition, I’ve been doing some home improvements.  Being in a new house, I thought I was done with that.  However, I have found myself landscaping, painting inside, and installing a shiplap wall.  I installed the ship lap on a wall.  It took all day two Saturdays ago.  Yesterday, I wrapped a beam on the ceiling in ship lap.  Much smaller area, but more complicated.  Took all day again.  My wife was working so it was fine.

While working, it occurred to me what a friend of mine said once.  I was noticing a list of “honey dos” on his refrigerator.  It never seemed to change, he never crossed anything off the list.  Most of the things on the list needed to be done, they were not only cosmetic. Neglecting them would result in damage to the house.

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When I asked him when he was going to get to the repairs, he said, “When I start getting blow jobs again.”  I was surprised by his statement, he had never told me he wasn’t, but I guess it’s not my business.  I had noticed a coldness between them.  Nothing bad, just something off.

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He’s not the only guy I know who procrastinates when it comes to chores.  At times, there are legitimate reasons.  Often, it’s simply laziness.  Apparently, sometimes, it’s a lack of blow jobs.  I get it.  Why should I bust my ass around here when I’m not appreciated.  After all, most men feel appreciated and loved when they are getting sex.  On the other hand, wives are not turned on by your fat ass in a recliner, covered in potato chip crumbs, as you watch your 12th hour of football.  In addition, those chores you are neglecting can eventually cost you money.  sometimes a lot of money.  When it could have been prevented with just a little work.

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So let’s think about this for a minute.  If you are ignoring your home repairs because you aren’t getting the sex you want, you are not exuding masculinity.  If you are not masculine, your wife will not be motivated to keep you happy.  It is a never ending cycle that at best will leave you paying for costly repairs and sporting a rosy palm.  At worst it will end in costly repairs, divorce, alimony, child support… and a rosy palm…  You get the idea.

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Instead, do the work that needs to be done.  Be a man who takes care of business.  A man of action.  Save yourself some money and take care of the little things before they become big things.

Never associate chores with getting sex.  That’s not how it works.  Nor should it.  That is what a beta chump does.  You do chores because they need to be done.  Because you are an adult.  When your wife sees you as an adult and realizes you are better than most of her friends spouses, you can count on that blow job.  If not, you likely have other problems in your marriage.  If your wife sees you as another one of her children, or a lazy man child, it does not instill desire in her.  If she thinks you are doing chores in hopes of getting sex, also not sexy.

Do your thing, be you.  Be awesome.  If you show your ability to function as an adult male, your wife will likely show you some of her female talents.

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So go tackle that to do list on your fridge before it costs you more money and another blow job…

2 thoughts on “Tackle That To Do List

  1. It is a shame when spouses use sex. or the withholding of sex, as leverage to get what they want. Spouses do not have to “earn” sex. As to your specific example, both spouses are wrong. The man needs to act like a man and do the chores in a timely manner as there are/were needed. His wife needs to avoid being a refuser or gatekeeper when it comes to sex (and oral sex is one of the basic acts of sex).

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