Good Post By JT About Finding Your Mission

JT over at Saving Eve wrote a good post today about men and their finding their mission.  I recommend going over and checking it out.

I am still struggling with finding a purpose since retiring.  I don’t think men realize how removing that part of you affects your psyche.  At least for me it has…

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These men knew the true meaning of a mission…

His example of essentially having a goal of access to more sex is likely common for many men, particularly those perusing this blog, JT’s and others.  The problem for me is I while I still have sexual goals to achieve, they are quickly being crossed off and surpassed.  I am fairly satisfied with my sexual status.  I suppose maintaining this status can be a mission, but after years of serving others, and having a mission of making other’s lives better, at least for me it seems a little trivial.

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That being said, there is the old saying that sex isn’t a big deal unless you aren’t getting any…  I can personally attest to that being true.

I have somewhat satiated my desire for a new mission with a return to my previous line of work, although part time I do get some of what I missed, and get paid pretty good to boot.  That doesn’t hurt either, after all I do have financial goals.

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No reason, I just like Betty Paige…

Men finding a mission these days is getting more difficult with the way society has evolved.  Even so, you must take JT’s advice and find what your mission is.  For each man it will be different, but for each man it is vitally important to identify where to focus your energy.

Living your life wandering aimlessly is no way to live…

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