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Happy Friday everyone!

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Life has been very busy here lately… as usual.  Work and play has gotten in the way of posting as much as I’d like.  We’ve spent at least one day every weekend at the beach and for a “part time” job I sure seem to spend a lot of my week at work.

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In addition, I’ve completed another book.  Some of you may know I, well we, write erotic short stories and publish them through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.  Our latest book, Secrets Exposed, is now available.  Secrets Exposed, and all our other books, are available here

They are short, but inexpensive, and free if you have Kindle Unlimited.  They have sold surprising well for little to no marketing.  In fact, the only real marketing is my discussion about the books on this blog.  As you know if you regularly read here that has not been much.  We haven’t published a book in about a year, but sales have remained steady.

The books have been an interesting endeavor.  I believed when I started writing that there was a market for erotic stories featuring monogamous married couples.  Yet, I have found the books fitting that theme have not sold nearly as well as the books involving multiple couples.  In fact, the two Four Friends books (Couples Vacation and the follow up Lakehouse Getaway) have far outsold all other titles, and done quite well really.  I’ve tried to figure out why that is.  The only thing I can come up with is people read for an escape or to live a fantasy through the words on a page.  Perhaps a book about an old married couple is too much like real life?  I liked them, but they haven’t sold nearly as well as the other themes.

Whatever the reason, we have enjoyed writing and publishing the books.  I hope those of you who have read them enjoy them as much as we have.

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