She Was Paying Attention After all…

My oldest daughter recently graduated from college with a Bachelors in Nursing from a very good university (Yes, I am bragging.  She is a smart cookie.)  She is now beginning her Doctorate program to become a Nurse Practitioner at that same college.  She is the first from my side of the family to obtain a bachelors degree… not to mention the doctorate she is working on…  We have been in this family with a direct line of male grandfathers going back to the first settlers of this country, so we are talking a very long list of people.

I am proud of her.  She as worked hard to get where she is and has always showed good judgement, never given us a minutes trouble.  However, I knew I did something right after a recent event she shared with the family.

My daughter got a job as a nurse at a Skilled Nursing/Rehab facility.  Most of the patients are elderly or seriously injured and recovering from surgeries.  In her first days, she was warned an elderly patient I’ll call Mr. Smith (she did not share his name, HIPPA and all…)  My daughter said the other nurses and CNAs told her Mr. Smith is mean, a bully and “Such an Alpha Male”, as if it was a dirty word.

They say this because Mr. Smith fuses at the nurses for taking his food before he is finished eating.  He makes them  bring him another meal.  He does not allow them to bully him or talk down to him.  In essence, he is not afraid to speak his mind and demand the respect every patient deserves.  This bothers them because they expect all patients, particularly the men, to bow to their “White Coats” and do as they are told.  How dare a man expect respect from them.

Being new, Mr. Smith was given to my daughter as a patient because nobody else wanted him.  An odd thing happened though, Mr. Smith loves my daughter and now asks other nurses where she is when she is off.  When asked by her co-workers how this happened, my daughter told them, “I love Mr. Smith, he’s not afraid to tell you what’s on his mind. He is definitely an Alpha Male.  He reminds me of my dad.”  To which she said the women cringed in horror.

Keep in mind most of her current co-workers are single (aka divorced) or just “babies mommas” with no babies daddies around.  Their reactions explain to me why.

When she relayed this story, my wife who is in medical field as well added, “Yes, I get along with those men too.  They are far easier to deal with than many of the patients I have.”

It is good to know that despite all the contrary messages kids get from society, they are paying attention to what they see and are taught at home.


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