No Tan Lines

Last weekend my wife and I were out shopping.  We walked back to the vehicle with our purchase, a bottle of Ménage A Trois wine for later.  No real threesome… Sadly only the bottle…  (Don’t tell my wife, but even though I regularly tease her about a threesome, in reality I probably couldn’t keep up with two women.  Like Rodney Dangerfield once said, they could talk to each other while I take a nap.)  As we approached our vehicle I noticed an attractive young blonde with a short, electric blue dress, tanned legs and firm in all the right places.  I’m not into the toothpick look and this woman was just right.  She was probably in her mid twenties and driving a Nissan Armada, brand new.  She was intently talking on the cell phone and unloading a baby and stroller from the truck with her phone trapped between her ear and shoulder as she worked.

Related image

How I feel about shopping. (Not me by the way)

While I noted the pleasant sight for a moment, I quickly moved on and we got into our vehicle.  I sat down and handed my wife the wine bottle to hold, but she had previous purchases at her feet already and asked me to put it in the back seat.  I exited my vehicle and when I turned around I found the blonde was bent at the waist, ass to me, doing something at the bottom of the stroller, still talking on the phone that was pressed to her ear by her shoulder.  At that same moment a storm was approaching and a gust of wind blew her short dress up over her back, that wasn’t covering much to begin with by the way.  The first thing I noticed was that she obviously frequents a tanning bed, no tan lines.  I know this because it was obvious she also shops commando, nothing under the dress.  I expected her to panic and try to pull her dress down, but I should’ve known.  She didn’t care and made no attempt to cover up.  Possibly didn’t know I suppose, but I don’t see how.  The bottom edge of her dress was at the back of her neck.

Image result for woman bent over in skirt

Just like this except commando, legs were straight and skirt was higher…

Now I felt a little bad about this… very little… but I could not look away.  Her ass was perfect.  Shape, tan, everything.  Pretty sure she shaved too.  After what seemed like ten minutes, but was likely ten seconds, I forced myself to look away and place my bottle in the back seat.  As I leaned in I saw my wife looking back at me and grinning.

Me:  “Do you see that?”

Wife: “I do, lucky you.”

Me: “How bout we see if she’s free tonight?” (Joking of course)

Wife: “You really want to baby sit her baby while we go out without you?”

She never misses a chance to jab back at me.  That’s why I love her though.

Related image

Many, if not most, of the men I know are married to women who would be furious if they enjoyed the view and then tried to joke about it.  The truth is there is no reason to be mad.  She knows as long as we are both engaged in this marriage she has nothing to worry about.  There is no reason to be jealous.  This is where I want to be in my life.  With a woman I love who is secure enough to realize it would take more than a nice ass with no tan lines to draw me away.

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