Pushing Through The Roadblocks

Being with same woman for thirty-two years (going back to high school) is awesome despite what many will tell you about variety and such. If you are creative, you can cultivate variety with a long time partner. Much of this assumes you have a cooperative spouse who enjoys sex as well. However, if you have sex frequently there is only so much variety you can explore. In addition, with jobs, kids and responsibilities, there are occasions when in the interest of time and energy a quick session is all you can muster.

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Most of the time I don’t last long before I come, a result of learned behavior from when sex was infrequent and painful for my wife. I had to be quick or risk not finishing or worse, leaving her in pain and unable to sleep. Let me tell you, there is nothing worse than having an awesome orgasm and having your wife immediately roll out of bed to take Tylenol. If you have never endured that count yourself as fortunate.

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I need absolutely no refractory period, and can continue without a break. This is a wasted talent though because L cannot come from intercourse alone. Even though I don’t last long, if I go too long she still gets sore.

Now approaching fifty, I find there are times I have difficulty finishing. Knock on wood (pun intended) have never experienced ED. My difficulty is not being able to come despite being turned on and wanting to badly. My wife went years without experiencing an orgasm, now she never misses one. On the occasion I just can’t get there, I lie back and think about all the times I left her in this same situation. Horny as fuck with no way to get relief…

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Fortunately, these times are rare. She doesn’t like to give up and keeps trying until I get there. There are times I’ve had to take matters into my own hands and finish myself, always on her of course. If I get real desperate, I will break out her Hitachi Magic Wand and place it under the head on that sensitive spot and I can usually come in under a minute. Seems the wand isn’t just for the ladies…
As I said, these problems are rare, usually accompanying a long, physically tiring day, too much alcohol, or my brain refusing to release some problem that is distracting me.

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Often, I can push over the edge by going to the highlight reel, recalling some great sexual experience I’ve had in the past. Since we’ve only been with each other my entire rolodex consists of my wife. That may sound bad to some, but I love it.

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Last night happened to be a night like that. After trying several positions and methods I was about to give up. I rolled over onto my back next to my wife staring up and frustrated as hell. My wife laid her head on my chest, hand on my abdomen. Then, for some reason my mind went back to when we were in high school. We dated for a year before we had actual sex. Prior to that it was hand jobs every Saturday night… and damn is she good at them, even to this day. Remembering her head on my shoulder an her hands working their magic stirred my passion once again. I began rubbing her shoulder as she lowered her hand and began stroking me. My mind went back to one evening when I was wearing one of those high school half length, mesh, practice football jerseys. She was rubbing my abdomen, much tighter back then… I was looking at her tan thighs coming out of her white shorts. As my mind wandered back to that Saturday night thirty something years ago I felt myself fast approaching the edge. Within minutes L had me coming so hard it shot up and hit me on the chin. That’s rare these days. As I’ve gotten older I have become more of a dribbler, particularly after the vasectomy. Occasionally when it has been a day or two, or I am really turned on, I revert back to the old velocity.

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When L saw what happened she laughed and said, “Now you know how I feel! What prompted all that force?” I smiled and said “You’ll never guess…” She loved it.

I know everyone’s life takes a different path to where they are now. I am just happy that my entire path was travelled with L. When I am forced to go to the rolodex for inspiration, all my tabs are topped with L’s name and experiences we have shared over the years.

Some may think that’s corny or old fashioned, but I don’t care. I think it’s pretty cool.

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