Be You, No Matter Who Is Watching

I am a little over two months post surgery for my bicep tendon repair.  I have been back in the gym doing very light arms (I’m talking five pounders) for two weeks.  While I have lost some strength, my real issue is I can feel a pulling at the attachment site if I try to lift too much.  So for now it’s the five pounders.

My Post Surgery Scar Where The Doc Reattached The Tendon To The Bone

I have adopted a full body workout three days a week for now.  Back to basics after all those months off.  I do feel rejuvenated, maybe the break was good for my body.

I have always been an early riser and gym goer.  Early mornings is the only time in my life that is just mine.  The advantage to going early (I’m talking up at 3:30 and in the gym by 4am) is you often have the gym to yourself. I love it like that.  I hate to chit chat while I’m working out.  Some see it as a social event, which is fine, but I’m there to work.  The other people you see there are often those embarrassed for whatever reason.  Maybe they are new to the gym, some are self conscious about their weight, whatever the reason they seem to try to go when nobody is there to judge them.  I have always been one to encourage those who step to the plate and try to make a change in their life.  I think that is awesome and admire the strength they had to at least take that first step.

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Recently I have found myself on the other side of this.  I am still fairly fit looking and have a bit of muscle despite the layoff.  However, due to the surgery I am using very light weights.  The first few days I was back for these workouts, I was alone in the gym.  Tuesday another guy walked in.  I had never seen him before and he went straight to the treadmill.  Kind of skinny, but looked like he is a regular on the treadmill at least.  For a few minutes I knew what it was like to be that new guy in the gym, thinking everyone is judging you by what you are lifting.  Even worse, I had just started my curls with 5 pound dumbbells.  It sucked.

I didn’t let it deter me and pushed forward, fuck it, I was doing me.  A few minutes later I looked back and saw the guy on the treadmill running, singing to himself and swaying his head and body to the music.  Not something I do… ever, but I realized he knew the secret.  He was doing him and didn’t care what I thought.

Image result for pin up in gym

That’s the way it should be in the gym.  The only one you are competing against is yourself.  There is no reason to worry about what others are lifting or thinking about what you lift.  There is a certain freedom in knowing that and living the way you want to live without worrying about what other people think.  As long as your actions aren’t affecting others negatively you should feel free to be you, whatever that is.

I turned up my headphones and blasted Nickleback’s Rockstar.  Yeah, I said Nickleback.  I don’t care that they are the butt of many musical jokes, I like them.

Five pound weights and Nickleback, that’s me doing me these days…

Image result for nickelback rockstar gif

From the Rockstar Video…

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