My Battle With Dad Jeans…

We have everyone home for the summer.  My oldest graduated from college and got engaged, her fiancé has been living with my wife and I since he graduated in December while he is having a house built.  It’s a busy time right now.

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Last weekend my wife and the girls were looking through old photo albums.  As they pointed out picture after picture it dawned on me.  In the 32 years since my wife and I have been together since high school, I still dress the same.  Mostly t shirt and jeans or shorts.  Always the same colors and styles.

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I know we have aged, the mirror doesn’t lie… However, In my mind, high school for us was just a few months ago.  Dumb, I know, but that’s how it feels. I have never been one to give much thought to my wardrobe.  I just wear what I’ve always worn.  I believe it’s time to make a change after seeing those pictures.

Here’s the problem.  I have no idea what I’m supposed to wear as an almost 50 year old man.  I’m too young for polyester stretch pants and Velcro shoes, but I’m too old for skinny jeans.  My daughters tell me I wear “dad jeans.”  My wife says I look fine.

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Most of the fashion advice I find is for stick figured twenty somethings.  Also, living in Florida it’s way too hot for most of what they recommend anyway.  Add to that I have a thick (not fat) build with a broad chest and shoulders.  Finding shirts that aren’t like circus tents on me is next to impossible.  It seems most shirts that fit my upper body are made for overweight men.  I can’t get form fitting shirts either because I feel like I’m wrapped in rubber bands all day when I wear them, constantly tugging and trying to stretch them.

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This Is Not Me!!!

Finally, most of the time I have a gun on me.  Usually I just carry in my front pocket so pants have to have a little room so they don’t imprint (show the outline of the gun).  Most of the concealed carry holsters I’ve tried are uncomfortable, hot, or are impractical to draw from.

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I don’t know what I’m going to do.  In the end, likely nothing.  Hell, I’m comfortable and apparently my wife is good with what I’m wearing.  In the end, that’s all that matters I suppose.  Maybe a few tweaks are in order, but unless someone has practical wardrobe advice for a late 40’s man who lives in an oven I don’t see a whole lot of changes…

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My wife when I walk in with my dad jeans…

5 thoughts on “My Battle With Dad Jeans…

    • It can get very hot here. But North Florida is a little more temperate. We have very comfortable springs and falls, but from May to September (and sometimes October) it gets dang hot. The good thing is we can have a day year round warm enough to go to the beach. Being beach/jeep people we love it. Now if we can just get rid of those hurricanes…

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      • yeah … those hurricanes. i graduated and left the state in ’82 and have only been back a handful of times since, but it seems that when i was growing up that they mostly went up the west coast. hitting the east coast has been kinda wild.

        i actually grew up not too far south from you … on the peninsula … and really have missed the ocean over the years. nothin like sittin on the beach, with the waves and the salt air. a lake isn’t the same, esp when you can see across it. but the ocean – you can’t see to the other side. my fav were low tides with wade pools and soft waves … guess that’s cause i wasn’t a surfer 😉

        but … i’ve got naturally curly hair, and the very few low-humidity days a year made me long to get away to a climate that made my hair behave better. vanity, i know, but it is what it is! 🙂

        still … i sooo miss the beach sometimes … my toes in the sand. the waves beneath my feat. the peace on the shore.

        and while we hardly have four seasons in Texas, we do have a semblance of winter and an occasional need for a winter coat 😉

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