Happy Mother’s Day

It is Mother’s Day.  I wanted to tell all you out there who are moms that you are appreciated.  Being a mother isn’t easy.  It takes patience and drive to be a good one.  Hopefully, today your family will pamper you a little and make your day a good one.

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Dads out there, coordinate your kids and make sure they do something special for your wife today, age appropriate of course.  Also, don’t be that guy who says “She’s not my mom.” when asked what you did for your wife today.  I know more than a few men like that.

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Of course she’s not your mom, but she is the mother of your children.  I believe that should bring at least a little appreciation from you.  When I hear a man say this, I wonder how the hell he came to the conclusion that the mother of his children does not deserve recognition for providing love, comfort and a safe home for them on a daily basis.

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Being a mom is a special role in life that some women take for granted and do not embrace like they should.  They complain about the “burden” of motherhood and how their children cramp their style.  If your wife is providing a comfortable home for your children, and not going on social media whining about the heavy burdens of life as a mother, take the time today (preferably more often than just today) and let her know you appreciate all she does.

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