She Was Right… And Other Observations

As I said, I’ve found myself in a bit of a dark place recently.  For me it is nothing new, but due to this injury and lengthy recovery it has been a little worse lately.

Part of the problem is I haven’t been to the gym since January.  I could not sleep and found myself wide awake.  I decided to go to the gym this morning and do a little walking on the tread mill and some leg work.  Immediately felt better.  It is amazing how once accustomed to something the body can become addicted.  It was like a fog lifted off of me this morning.

Image result for pin up workout

In addition, thanks to Ame I will be researching magnesium to see if that may help my mental state as well. Thanks Ame!

After messing with this brace for an hour last night, I finally got it to fit properly.  It ended up exactly how the tech at the doctor’s office had it originally.  I thought I knew better than him, and my wife (the Occupational Therapist), and adjusted it to how I thought it should go.  (My wife has also been after me to go back to the gym.)  I  should know better by now…  My stubborn streak forced me into misery for two days.  It still isn’t the most comfortable, but it is much better.  

Image result for robert mcginnisThat’s the look I got when I admitted she was right…

I’m looking forward to getting back to work Monday.  I really need to get out of this house.

Things will get better from here.  2018 has began a little rough for us.  I injured this arm on January 9th, a close friend of ours lost a daughter in the school shooting in south Florida on February 14th so we attended the funeral, My wife’s father passed a couple weeks ago and our trip I was planning for our 25th has been put on hold for at least a year because of this recovery.  Yes, things could always be worse, but it’s been a strange year so far for us.

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On the flip side, by the time this brace comes off I should be starting full time employment in the field I retired from, and was happy doing.  Fingers crossed on that though, it’s never sure until you are sitting the seat.

In the end, this I all just stuff you deal with in life.  We will get through it, we always have.  It just gets frustrating at times.  However, things are looking brighter already.

I appreciate all the advice and comments, it has helped me put it all in perspective.

Thank you.

Image result for robert mcginnis beach

In remembrance of the trip that never happened… 



2 thoughts on “She Was Right… And Other Observations

  1. a close friend of ours lost a daughter in the school shooting in south Florida on February 14th so we attended the funeral

    gosh … that’s, rough. so very sorry 😦

    this info might be helpful:

    i’ve also had success with homeopathic remedies for many different things. here are two that might be of interest:

    and one more link:

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  2. i left a comment with a bunch of links – it’s probably in moderation due to the links, but you do not have to publish it if you don’t want to. just some info you might want to consider.


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