Millennial Women Cheat More Than Millennial Men?

While exploring the net the other day I found this article.  The article cited a study on cheating in relationships.  I found it interesting, here are the high points if you don’t feel like reading it.

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Millennial women (18-29) are more likely to cheat than men, 10% vs 11%.  A small margin, but a departure from what people perceive as the norm.  My guess is feminism and the feminization of men is driving this.

In older age groups it’s the men who are cheating more.  In fact, in the 70-79 year old group, 26% of men are cheating vs 13% of women.  Interesting…

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So who is most likely to cheat according to the survey?

  • Democrats cheats more than Republicans.  Imagine that…


  • People who grew up with one parent.


  • People who do not attend religious services regularly.


  • People with “some” college.  People with college degrees and people who never went to college cheat at a similar rate.  It’s those who never finished that seem to have a problem with commitment.

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I believe the rates of cheating are likely much higher than stated in this article because people lie about cheating, and justify behavior to convince them selves that they did not cheat or somehow deserved a Hall Pass.  This attitude is clearly illustrated by the last line of the article:

“Of course, the definition of cheating may vary from couple-to-couple, but only you and your partner can decide what it means for you.”

Really?  If you have to ask yourself if what you did was considered cheating, it likely was.  An easy test is to ask yourself if you would you tell your spouse what you did?  Or better yet your mother?  If the answer is no, it should be clear to you what you have done…

Remember guys, there is statistic often cited that 20% of men are unknowingly raising another mans child.  If you ever had any reason to wonder if your wife has strayed, that figure (if true) should keep you up at night.

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