No Goggles Necessary

Wife Goggles is a term men use to explain their attraction to a wife they have spent a life with who is now showing signs of age (aren’t  we all???).  I believe the term doesn’t accurately  explain the complex nature of attraction.

Related imageI am like any other man, I love the sight of an attractive, large breasted woman with an amazing ass.  This is no secret to my wife.  As I have explained before, my wife makes sure I don’t miss any when we are out or watching television.  She is secure enough to do this not because she thinks I cannot attract another woman, but because she is confident in her ability and skills to keep me happy (her words).  She is right.

When it comes to attraction, physical beauty is only part of the pie.  Sure, it is a big piece, but think of all the “beautiful” women who behave in ways there is no way you would want to fuck them.  I believe, in my case, that wife goggles is an inaccurate term.  I believe if you find your wife attractive it is because she has a package of qualities that makes her so.  Beauty, attitude, nurturing tendencies, sexual skills, sexual confidence, willingness to work together rather than make everything a battle of wills. There are undoubtedly many more.  Some are more important than others, but every man has his list of what is important to him.

Image result for pin up artist stevensonI have always worked with primarily men.  I have heard endless stories of nightmare wives, I’ve heard men berated in person and over the phone, I’ve heard the term “happy wife, happy life”, or “let me check with the boss” enough to make me want to puke.  Often, these men are married to very attractive women, but upon meeting them socially, I would dump them immediately due to their personalities.  I don’t believe this is a case of wife goggles for these men.  I believe it is a case of beta, pussy whipped men afraid they cannot do better.  (Most could do better, if they were able to recover their testicles from their wives purses.)  I suppose overlooking the flaws of their domineering wives could be construed as wife goggles…

Image result for pin up artist stevensonFor a man who is doing marriage right, wife googles is a term that is not accurate.  These men have a wife who is likely taking care of herself in order to keep pace with him, making his life easier (as he is hers), and ensuring he is fulfilled sexually as well as in the marriage.  No goggles necessary, his wife is attractive to him, and if they were truthful, would be attractive to most men.

Some get lucky and marriage is good right off the bat.  For most of us it is a process to get to this point, at least it was for me.  You see, when you improve yourself and become the man you are meant to be, you motivate your wife to do the same… well not be the man…  You give her incentive to improve when she sees your value, and sees other women’s interest in you.  She appreciates what she has.

When you have a wife firing on all cylinders there is no need for wife googles, no matter her age.  Men young and old will come to you and ask how you do it.  How you “got her to be on your team” (actual question from someone we know).  Other men will recognize her value and what you have accomplished.  They will see the value in her.  She may be getting older, three kids and father time are clawing at her, but her “girl game” will overcome any wear life has put on her.

I can assure you, I do not need wife goggles, my wife gets plenty of attention without goggles from other men.  She is no longer 25, but in my opinion she is better than her at 25.  She is a genuine gym rat despite working six days a week, (her choice) and still makes sure we are all taken care of.

Would I like sex with two 25 year olds?  I’d be lying if I said no.  However, I’ll take sex with my soon to be 48 year old wife over the 25 year olds any day.  She knows the tricks of the trade so to speak…  25 year olds may be fun to look at, but I love driving my classic.

No goggles necessary…

2 thoughts on “No Goggles Necessary

  1. Thank you for your blog, I have found it helpful in many ways. Perhaps I can relate since I am a similar age and my husband and I have struggled with similar problems to you two. This post is great in describing what a man values in his wife. I have spent a while reading men’s blogs and have learned a great deal. However, what is missing in the AWALT type blogs is the picture of what feminine women should/could aspire to. That is fine, it isn’t what those blogs are there for, but I am searching for it and am grateful for pictures of what a happy husband enjoys and appreciates in his wife; that picture of the spirit or soul of femininity that is not fleeting like beauty is.I bought the ‘wife goggles’ idea because I know my husband sees me as more beautiful than I am these days but this post gives a better insight. I know my husband is happy with me but it is my goal to make him as happy as possible. I feel I owe him a debt (not in a negative way but in a grateful one) and plan to have fun paying him back! Thank you for helping me along the way. I wish you and your wife all the best.

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    • Thank you Rachel. Your words in your comment are what make you beautiful to your husband. Men appreciate physical beauty, no doubt, but many men appreciate love and respect more. Particularly from his wife. In his wife’s attitude, caring and passion he will find beauty. I believe part of that package is doing your best to maintain or improve your physical beauty within reason and appropriateness.

      Men see beauty in their wives. Women are much more critical of themselves then their husbands. I believe most women would be pleasantly surprised if one day they woke up with the ability to see themselves as their husbands see them.

      Thank you for your comments.

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