Desire Can Be Fickle

A married woman’s sexual desire is fickle.  There are things that can in an instant put her into or out of the mood.  Her sexual desire is often different than ours.  Hers is usually one of responsive desire rather than that of the typical man’s which is like background noise and can be turned up in an instant.

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If you are doing things right, her sexual desire is often there in the background as well, just at a much lower volume.  Don’t get frustrated or discouraged because of hiccups in your approach or minor cock blocks that arise.  This will be noticed by her no matter how hard you try to hide it.  She will see it as weakness on your part for not having the tools to overcome it.  Some of our best sex has come after an argument.  Sometimes we made up beforehand, sometimes not.  There is often an uptick in intensity that while hard to describe, is definitely palpable.

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Responsive desire is a concept many men and even most women do not understand.  Media and society tries to tell us that women should desire sex the same way men do. Often times, men and women both feel like a failure when they do not.  That narrative is a lie.  Women experience desire differently than men, but if you both understand this, the sexual experience can be incredible.

Many of you know this, some do not.  Learn it, utilize the knowledge, and enjoy the marriage you both want.

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