When It’s Time For Action Be Prepared…

I was at the gym early this morning and I saw something that I truly didn’t understand. At my gym they have dozens of televisions tuned to primarily Fox News and ESPN.  Mixed in are a few local channels.  I do not know what show it was, or where the information came from, but they were giving bullet pointed advice for those caught in an active shooter situation.  Most of it was okay, but one really had me wondering what has become of the men in America.

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One of the points was “Shelter In Place” and hide from the shooter.  Really?  While he walks around killing more people, they expect you to hide and wait for the police?  I was in law enforcement for a long time and even their tactics have changed.  Twenty-five years ago, before active shooters became so common, they taught us to “wait on back up.”  Even then, the consensus among the officers was, fuck that.  I signed up for this job for many reasons, one of them being to protect those who cannot (or are unwilling to) protect themselves.  I’m not hiding outside, waiting for back up, while unarmed people are hunted down and killed.  I’m going to stop the bastard, or die trying.  Fast forward to today.  The training is to act when you arrive, even if that means taking in a volunteer citizen who has a firearm.  It’s more complicated than that, but the main idea is to do something…

Getting back to the advice to shelter in place, I suppose if you lack the physical ability, and/or skills, to act that is good advice.  However, if you are a able bodied man I believe you have an obligation to act.  Devise a plan to do something other than hide and wait for him to find and execute more people, hoping he passes you by.  The reality is that most of the population of men will do just that.  Too afraid to react.  I understand fear, anyone who is law enforcement or the military, who has faced a gun, understands it.  What I do not understand is allowing it to paralyze you into submission like a sheep led to slaughter.  Unfortunately, this is the plan of many men in America today.

“If we do what they say, maybe they won’t hurt us…” 

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To me, hearing the advice to shelter in place is like nails on a chalk board.  Even if unarmed, there are things you  can do to minimize the casualty count.  Yes, you may get shot, even die, but that’s someone’s wife, daughter, mother that is getting executed with each shot you hear.  It’s time to reach down into that primal instinct to fight and act.  A terrorist, or beta chump upset because a girl dumped him, fears failure.  Therefore, they choose soft targets where the threat to them is low and their success rate (body count) will be high.  Be that X Factor they didn’t expect.

I’m not saying act without thinking.  Wherever you are, think about a plan, find the exits and note them.  Note where you can find cover or concealment (there is a difference) you can utilize to devise and implement your plan.  Note those around you who might be of a similar mindset if the shit hits the fan.  Sad to say, you can usually spot a cop or military man, not always, but often.  Look for the man who looks prepared.

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As far as your everyday life, keep yourself in some form of physical fitness.  I am no sports model, but I am in the gym most mornings.  I go to the gun range regularly.  When I don’t feel like going, I think about the latest incident, and ask myself if I would be prepared to act if I were there and had to face the wolf.  Invariably, I pack up and head out to ensure that I am.  I know I am far from the baddest ass out there.  As soon as you think you are, someone will be there to knock you off the hill.  Nevertheless, I prepare as though I may have to face him at some point.

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I am not suggesting you obsess over this, but keep it in the back of your mind.  Always have a plan.  Know that you may be required to act at some point so you will be mentally prepared to do so if called upon.

Those men who acted on that plane that went down in Pennsylvania on 9-11 new this intuitively.  They knew they did not want to go down like a lambs, they went out like Lions.  As far as I’m concerned, those men are more heroes than the overpaid, spoiled children that play football on Sunday’s.  I cringe every time I see a grown man, or worse his wife (can you say cuckold?), wearing a  jersey with another man’s name on it.  Yet thousands of sheep cheer for the athletes while the names of real heroes fall silent.

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Do not accept “Shelter In Place” as your plan…  Be better than that.  Your family deserves it.

Image result for evil wins when good people do nothing

Appears to be playing out before our eyes sometimes…

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