Never Use The Word “Adulting”

I don’t know where it started, or who started it, but whoever coined the term “Adulting”  has committed a serious disservice to men everywhere.  I first noticed it on social media in the form of “Adulting Is Hard” memes with people whining about their “difficult” lives.  Then, I heard it on our local radio station during commercials for various goods and services, usually with the voiceover by a guy who has a definite feminine tone.  My initial reaction was it sounded like a term an entitled princess made up, but to my surprise men picked it up and ran with it.  Then again, should I really be surprised?

Image result for adulting is hard meme

No, it’s not…

Finally, I’ve seen it in a Go Daddy commercial.  The commercial features a neck bearded, video game playing, adult son living at home with his mother.  While the son is playing games on the couch, the Go Daddy representative helps his mother build a website called “”  It would be funny if it weren’t such a common scenario these days.

Image result for adulting memeA little piece of advice for the men out there, never use the term Adulting or post a meme crying about Adulting being hard.  Men will see you as a little bitch, and I can assure you, using the term will not induce tingles in your wife.  It is a term an entitled snowflake would use.  It conjures images of you wearing a pajamas and watching Netflix on your parents couch.  I picture a feminine male hipster, wearing skinny jeans, sitting in Starcucks (not misspelled), drinking a calorie and sugar laden drink they claim to be coffee.

Image result for adulting is hard meme

Unfortunately, all too common these days…

Not a good look fellas, especially if you expect your wife to agree to that thing you like in the bedroom later.  She only does that for men who find “Adulting” an awesome challenge and opportunity each and every day.

Related imageShe’s waiting for the man that doesn’t find adulthood hard…  Be that guy…

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