Sleep Naked

Sleeping nude is a very personal choice.  Not every living situation is conducive to it with different factors such as roommates, kids, a disapproving spouse (which you should be addressing).  The figures are all over the place, but between 10% and 30% of people sleep nude, with the sexes breaking down as 7% of men and 83% of women.  I’m not sure I’m buying the high number of women, but who knows.  I only sleep with one (who does so only occasionally).  I usually do not, but I am going to start and experiment after reading the benefits.  I’m not talking about the obvious one…

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Cooling your body at night lowers your levels of cortisol.  Increased cortisol leads to accumulation of belly fat (as does a poor diet, but we need all the help we can get at times).  Researches think making less cortisol at night allows us to make more during the day when we need it such as when we wake up and during workouts.

Being hot at night inhibits the production of growth hormone.  Growth hormone has many benefits, but some key areas are tissue repair, improved immune system and fat burning.  There is also research that indicates growth hormone helps fight diabetes and heart disease.

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Melatonin is another anti-aging hormone that is produced by restful sleep.  Being overly warm at night inhibits it’s production resulting in less restful sleep… and increasing cortisol, inhibiting growth hormone, you see where this is going.

The raw material that makes cortisol is pregnenolone, which also is the raw material that makes testosterone.  If you are making too much cortisol, you are limiting the raw materials to make testosterone.  We all know what low testosterone brings.

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Therefore, I will begin my experiment with sleeping in the nude.  I’ve tried it a few times before, but that was just because I wanted to and had no real reason.  I have always given up in the past, but armed with this information, I am going to make a real effort.

I’ll keep you posted…  Not with pictures of course, I don’t think anyone would want that…

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