Be The Leader Your Family Deserves

A man is supposed to be king of his castle.  Some may not like to hear it, but it is in my opinion the natural order of things.  The problem is in this era, the notion has been shamed out of most men.  When a man abdicates his position, it releases the man from his duty and responsibility of being the rock for the family, resulting in the feminine man so common today.  Men unable to effectively lead or make decisions.  When you cannot effectively lead, your wife can never trust you if the shit hits the fan.  Beyond all else, most women want a man they feel can handle a crisis, and in realty handle them.  If you display a fear of her by allowing her to go unchecked when she goes off the rails, she will feel if you cannot stand up to her.  If you cannot even confront her, how will you rise to the challenge when the wolf comes to your door?  And no, that passive aggressive bullshit most men use today isn’t going to cut it for her.

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Does this mean as men we should begin barking orders and demanding results?  No, there is much more to being a leader than that.  A man who has not embraced this role in the past, but now realizes why his life felt like it was someone else’s, has work to do.  A man needs to learn how to maintain frame in the face of shit tests from a spouse who is questioning this new man who has appeared in “her” home.  It is likely she has been waiting, in some cases for years, for him.  However, after a long periods of disappointment we all tend to lose hope sometimes.

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If you intend to lead your family, and have them voluntarily get on board, you have to learn to be pragmatic and thoughtful when assessing situations presented to you.  Blunt force has it’s time and place for sure, but when you wield it with intellect,  you become a man to be reckoned with.

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The world is full of woefully weak men and men who rule from a position of weakness and fear.  If you want to stand out and gain the loyalty and respect you deserve, specifically from your wife, you must develop your intellect, skill and strength.

Once you are able to combine the three, you will be unstoppable.

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