Have Men Really Become This Vain?

Apparently we have…

This morning I woke up and checked the weather.  I turned on The Weather Channel and found they were featuring a video shot by two men fleeing the California wild fires.  From what I can tell, in the middle of the night the fire approached their home and neighborhood.  The two men are roommates according to the story.

Image result for california wildfires

As the fire engulfed their home and street, one of them decided it’s a good idea to record themselves fleeing for their lives.  The video shows them frantically trying to get in the car drive, literally through fire, to escape.  All I could think to myself is how stupid men have become.  It is either stupidity or they were being dramatic and not really in danger, but judging from the video the danger seems real.  One man screams “We’re going to fucking die dude, we got to get outta here!”

Image result for jim cantore stephanie abrams jen carfagno

While the two female Weather Channel hosts gush over the danger and drama, Jim Cantore is the voice of reason when his only observation is, the smart thing to do is drop the damn phone and get the fuck out.  This, coming from a man who frequently stands outside in hurricanes.

This is what men have become in America.  Self absorbed and obsessed with “sharing” our lives to the point of risking it to document your peril.  Think about the psychology behind a man who decides this a good idea.  I can barely work my camera when I am calm, how the hell does he think to record their run for their lives?

Image result for male vanity

If you are in real danger, concentrate on keeping yourself, your family or in this case, roommate, safe.  Nobody wants to see you burn to death because you were overcome with self absorbed vanity and too busy trying to catch your escape on video to keep yourself safe…

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