Embrace The Gift Of Manhood

Today, I took my wife to the beach.  It is mid October and the life guards are done for the year.  Where I live you can still drive on the beach if you have a four wheel drive vehicle, which I do, a 94 Jeep Wrangler and a 05 Sequoia.  This privilege of beach driving is becoming more rare these days around the country, so I take advantage of it as much as I can.

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When we arrived today, the usual entrance we use was blocked with an ambulance and several police cars.  I turned around and went one entrance north and was able to access the beach there.  When we reached the shoreline, we saw a police helicopter circling and numerous police cars as well as police and rescue personnel in the water.  We found out they had just rescued two children who were recovered safely, thanks to their 47 year old father who was not so lucky.  The father was missing in the rough surf for a time, and when finally located, he was unresponsive.  I do not know if he survived.

By the time we got settled, the incident was over and soon things returned to normal.  As I sat taking in the beauty and solitude of the beach in mid October I thought of the man who risked his life saving his children.  When he woke up today, he had no idea he would be put in that position.  However, when the time came, he rose to the occasion.  That’s what you do as a man… as a father…

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Male and White Privilege in action… 

Being born male, you are given a great gift.  I am not talking about the feminist narrative of male privilege.  Male privilege is of course is a myth, but being male is a gift nonetheless.  With the gift of being a male comes great responsibilities that women will never know.  As a man, you are expected to protect and defend, if necessary with your life, women and children.  We do so on a regular basis in this world.  Without hesitation.

That being said, do not squander the gift of Manhood bestowed on you.  Do not squander your potential by pursuing unmanly or irresponsible activities and habits.  If you have to ask if an activity is unmanly or wasteful of your time and energy, you likely already know the answer.  I will not define what is unmanly.  If you are truly embracing your manhood you should intrinsically be aware of what will improve you and ready you for your next threat or crisis.  In spite of the shrill cries of “Girrrll Power”, when the shit hits the fan women, and sadly a large number of feminized men, will look to you to protect and defend them.  Be sure a large part of your life is spent honing your skills and preparing yourself for the possibility of being called to action.  By doing so you improve your odds of success and survival.

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A large part of mature masculinity is recognizing that there is always room for improvement.  Followed by action that addresses your weaknesses.

I don’t know anything about the man who risked his life at the beach today, but I do know he acted when it was time for action.  His action saved his children.  In his moment, when he was called upon, he answered the call.  I do not know if he survived, he likely didn’t care when he acted.  That’s what we do as men, I suppose that is the “male privilege” spoken about with such venom by so many women (and men) who cannot understand what it means to be man.

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