Do Not Fear The Haters

Fear is a bitch.  It cripples men, stifling their growth, causing frustration, depression and dissatisfaction with their lives.  Of course, fear can be a heathy reaction in certain situations by keeping men alive.  However, fear must be managed in order for men to thrive and live a fulfilling life.

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In today’s society we no longer need to fear for our lives (in general).  Danger lurks everywhere, but statistics show most men are safe physically from real danger such as predators (man or beast), starvation, natural disasters etc…  All are definite risks, but statistically we are safe.  Situational awareness will generally keep us safe.

The fear I’m talking about is the fear of judgement, rejection, criticism, the mental risks we are often afraid to take.  Depending on your friends, many of which are overrated, fear of ridicule by them can be paralyzing.

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It may be a book, art, or some other creative outlet you hide because you are afraid of what others around you will think.  It could be fear of criticism that is preventing you from sharing your ideas or knowledge in the form of a blog or video posts.

If you have a friend who will ridicule you for your creative drive, you likely need a new friend.  A true friend will provide constructive criticism, but not mock you for expressing yourself in whatever way you find fits you or your message.  If you fear the online masses hiding behind a keyboard, fuck them.  Most of those prowling the internet, looking for someone to make fun of or judge, are doing so from a position of weakness.  Either they lack the balls and or knowledge to express their ideas, or they are jealous of your intestinal fortitude that allows you to move forward with your plans, ideas or dream.

It’s apparent some men think so…

Those who spend their time on the web judging, criticizing and spreading negativity, really need to look in the mirror.  It’s not that everything has to be sunshine and roses, but instead of criticizing our fellow men, why aren’t we supporting them by offering advice and assistance?  You should always be willing to accept constructive advice, but recognize negativity and jealousy for what it is.  Someone unhappy with themselves for lacking the drive to leave the cave, kill something and drag it back.

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Do not fear those who judge, particularly behind the anonymity of the internet.  Those close to you who refuse to support you do not deserve to be around you, and adjustments may be necessary to assemble a new, supportive tribe.

If you have an idea, dream, or creative itch to scratch, go for it.  Formulate a plan for success, learn about your topic or subject and create.  One thing to remember is to not let yourself get stuck on the runway.  At some point you need to shed the chains of fear and grasp the freedom of flight you desire.

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