Be Her Rock, Even If You Don’t Think She Needs It…

As I sit in the potential path of hurricane Irma, I think it is a good time to remind anyone in the same situation to asses your situation and decide what is best for your family.  You and your wife are a team, but this is squarely on your shoulders fellas.  This is what you get paid to do.  Make sure your family is safe.  Nowadays, we aren’t (usually) preyed upon by toothy beasts, but rest assured, there are dangers out there.  A hurricane is one of them.  As a Florida Native, I can tell you first hand, those who talk shit about how they aren’t that bad haven’t rode one out.

Last year, Matthew scraped the coast of Florida.  I sent the family to safety, but I stayed at the house to protect it, and try to mitigate any potential damage.  Huge mistake…  I have stared down the barrel of several guns in my career.  While no doubt harrowing, I felt I had some control over the situation due to training, experience, and ability. I assure you, a potent hurricane cares nothing about that shit.  Over that evening, I honestly thought a few times I would die in that house.  What I’m trying to say is respect these storms if you have never faced one, or never faced a powerful one.

All that being said, no matter how much “girl power” your wife professes to have, she is looking to you for guidance and assurance.  While generally submissive to me, my wife is gym rat, works full time, go getter, motivated machine.  I have known her since high school and she has cried exactly twice in that span of time.  She is tough and even keeled.  When Irma was looking like a track straight for us last night, and still may be, I saw her blink.  I saw the fear she never has in any situation.  Our kids are out if town in college, the reality of what could happen set in.  My normally confident and optimistic wife was rattled.  I had to assure her that no matter what happens, I would ensure we would be okay.  I hadn’t done much of that because she doesn’t usually need assurances.  I did, and now today she is better.

It is times like this when you need to pull your shit together and make some decisions for your family.  Be her rock.  Show her you deserve that respect you think you deserve.  No matter how rattled you are, never show it.   If you are old enough to remember, there was a deodorant company who’s motto was “Never let them see you sweat.”  Now is the time to embrace that motto for yourself.

If you are in the path, be safe.


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