What Women Really Want In Their Reading Material

As I mentioned recently, I am trying my hand at writing.  I’ve decided to start with erotic fiction because one, sex it interests me, and two, there is a huge demand for it.  Therefore, as I hone my skills as a writer, I will get lot’s of feedback quickly.  I don’t know if this strategy will work, but it’s something.  As we know, something is better than nothing.

As I began this journey, I decided I needed to do some research into how these short stories are written and what is popular right now.  While visual porn is always enjoyable, quick and easy, I’ve personally always enjoyed a good short story.  My go to has usually been literotica.com, but admittedly, I haven’t spent a whole lot of time there.  I try to abide by the no fap rules these days for the reasons frequently discussed, but more importantly, sex is plentiful in this household.  The worst thing a man can do is turn down the wife because you just jerked off.  Kind of a turn off for her…

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So, for my research, I decided to purchase a Kindle Unlimited membership and download books from popular, established authors.  What I found was the “Alpha Male” is often the object of desire in these stories.  Most stories revolve around some version of a wealthy, mysterious, cowboy, bad boy, whatever, man.  This is a common theme among many of the more popular authors, female and males who write for a female audience.

Couple this with the knowledge that most consumers of erotic stories are female and what have we learned?  Something we already know, if we read this blog and others like it, women crave strong men.  There is not a demand for a soft, pasty, beta man as lead in one of these books.  I talked to my wife about this and she pointed out the following:

Image result for pin ups art reading

“Think about it, most women are married to “girly men.”  Most men today are not really men, they are boys in a grown man’s body, or worse, a man afraid of his wife.  Women read to escape realty, to be entertained.  Women want to be stimulated by what they are reading, if they like erotic fiction.  Reading about men who act like children such as playing video games, pouting, caving every time their wife gets the least bit upset over something, is not sexually stimulating nor something they need to read about.  They just have to look at their husbands in most cases…”

Makes sense to me.  Isn’t that what all these blogs are about?  Preaching to us about acting like men, not children.

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