Just Do It!

My three short stories went live on Amazon on the 24th and 25th.  So far, without any promotion, (except for this blog I guess) I have already made numerous sales of the books and hundreds of page reads through kindle unlimited.  I am surprised by the activity.  I am not sure where the purchasers found my books, but I appreciate each one.  It is a good feeling to see something you created, completely from your mind, interests people enough to purchase the creation.

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While I do want to make some money from this venture, I believe the money made will be minimal.  What I am really getting from this is having an outlet to express the creativity I have been stifling much of my life.  “Creativity” was frowned upon among my co workers and peers in the past.  My ability to move away from that situation has reenergized my desire to create.  I recently purchased a decent camera to try my hand at photography, and I am even considering some form of art.  Though, I am not sure in what form.

I don’t know if I will be successful in any of these fields, I will likely not make money off of them.  However, my view of success is doing something you have an interest in and reaping the benefits of engaging in an activity you enjoy.  Of course, I believe having an interest in what you do can often lead to financial success as a bonus.

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If you have an interest you have put off due to your concern over judgement from friends, time, money, whatever, make an effort to do what it takes to engage in that interest.  You don’t have to have the best equipment, tools or knowledge to get started.  Just make do with what you have available, do some research, and go for it.  You won’t be sorry.

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