A New Endeavor

Since retirement, I have been meandering in my life, searching for a clear direction.  I have not been able to find a clear path to what is next.  I have tried a few things, but nothing so far has been a good fit for me.  I have always wanted to try my hand at writing, but lacked the time and motivation to move forward.  It seems I now have plenty of time and my motivation is two fold.  I need somewhere to focus my energy, and I have always had a need to feed my creative hunger that was stifled during my past life.

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I have many ideas for “real” books from experiences in my life I think people would find interesting.  However, I believe I need to hone my skills a bit before jumping into a full blown book.  After researching a bit, I discovered that self publishing through Amazon is the quickest and easiest way to get started.  I also found the most lucrative genre is erotic short stories, big surprise…  Therefore, I decided to try to learn the skill of writing by trying my hand at writing and publishing erotic short stories.

My research told me the biggest consumer of erotic short stories is women, except gay stories, they have a primarily, but not exclusive,  male following.  I was also told to present myself as a female writer, but after researching further, I found some of the most successful authors in erotica are male.  I suppose it boils down to how good your writing is.  Consumers just want a good read.  There are different schools of thought on point of view, but most suggest writing from a female perspective.  This makes sense if females are your biggest consumers, however it seems the male or female perspective can work if written well.

So far I have written and published a series of three short stories titled Laying Down the Law.  The subtitles are The New Sheriff , Restrained , and Punished .  The series is about a long married couple who’s sex life has waned because of rules imposed by the wife and a husband who struggled with a bit of a beta streak.  It’s fairly vanilla, but I found stories with monogamous couples are scarce in the erotic short story genre.  I wanted to offer something different, but I do understand that people produce what sells and the genre is overrun with “Hot Wife” stories and Cuckoldry.  I suppose that is a big seller.

Laying Down the Law: The New Sheriff by [Davis, M J ]

These three books are my first stab at the craft and since I published it myself, I was on a shoestring budget.  There was no professional editing.  My wife read them, but despite a bachelor’s degree, and being a very smart woman, she is not a good editor.  Writing is not her forte.  After supposedly editing the stories, I proof read them one more time before publishing and found glaring errors she missed.  Maybe she was too worked up reading the story and missed them?  Probably not…  I have written reports my whole life, but they were “official reports” definitely not the same.  One problem with proof reading I’ve always had was I know in my mind what I am saying, and how it should read.  When proof reading my own work, my mind makes the correction and doesn’t see the error.  I have to step away for a few days and sometimes I will spot the error… sometimes not…

I have written another story and I am working on another, neither have been published yet.  If you are into the story scene, feel free to check out my books.  If you have a kindle unlimited account, they are free.  I will be playing with the pricing for paid purchases, I am still learning this field.  If you are curious, my author page can be found Here

That’s all for now, I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.  If you have any questions about the process, I can be contacted at my author page.  I’m no expert, but I’d be happy to help anyone who is curious.

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