The Problem With Cuckoldry

I have a guilty pleasure.  I’m not much into social media.  In fact hardly at all.  No twitter, a Facebook I hardly use.  I have an Instagram to follow the kids, but never post anything.  However…my guilty social media pleasure is Tumblr.  I do not go on there to communicate with people, I simply enjoy the pics people post.

The funny thing about Tumblr is unlike FB and Twitter, people on there rarely know each other.  Which to me is an advantage.  It seems the shit people I know post just makes me think less of them…  When you see what they post, you wonder some times WTF were you thinking?  Then you realize that’s who they are.  Which makes you re evaluate your choices in who you call friends.

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I follow many Tumblr outdoor blogs, jeep blogs, and an array of other interests.  But lets face it, people go to Tumblr for the porn.  Denying it is like saying you get Playboy for the articles (before they did away with the nude girls any way…).  On Tumblr you can find any sexual preference, fetish, or freak show you want.  It’s actually a little disturbing what is available on there.

I know, porn will fuck you up, and jerking off makes you weak and ruins your drive for life.  These days, there is little need for masturbation in our household.  However, who doesn’t like looking at a tastefully photographed nude female?  Tastefully photographed being the operative word here…

Something I will never understand is how common the concept of cuckolding is among men.  I suppose in theory I get it… a little?  Watching your wife have sex I suppose would be like watching her in porn, but I will never understand the attraction of watching her have sex with some other dude while you sit in the corner and jerk off, sit in another room and listen and jerk off, sit at home while she goes out and fucks someone else and then comes home to tell you about it so you can jerk off.  Get a mirror man, or better yet, convince her to let you record YOU fucking her!  Most disturbing of all is the guys who want to be left home wearing “cock cage” while his wife fucks someone else, and then comes home so he can go down on her and “clean her up.”  Damn man…WTF?

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If you are a married man, I suggest not telling your wife that you are into cuckoldry.  I believe a woman knowing her husband desires to be cuckolded would quickly begin to lose respect for him.  A man who desires to be cuckolded can’t help but be seen as a submissive beta in her eyes.  We know what happens when a woman believes her husband is submissive.  You end up alone, fucking your fist, while she is out fucking someone else… wait… that’s being a cuckold…

There are many fantasies you can share with your wife, all kinds of kinky shit, but my suggestion is to never, not even in some drunken haze during a game of truth or dare, tell your wife you’d like to see her fucked by another man and let you clean up after him.  Some things you just can’t unsay.  When daylight comes, and the booze wears off, that will be hanging in the air like hot garbage.

You probably need to evaluate your self and discover why you find this appealing.  Is it some feeling of you not being worthy of her?  Do you have a small penis issue, real or perceived (not trying to be funny this time)?  Where is this coming from?

I myself could never do it, but I do see the appeal of swinging, which is a similar situation, someone else fucking your wife.  At least in that scenario you are actively participating as well and not jerking off in a corner.  I could not deal with someone else fucking my wife.  The closest I could come is a MFF threesome.  I know, chauvinistic to exclude the FMM threesome, but that wouldn’t sit right with me for many reasons.

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Nothing to do with cucks, she’s here just because…it’s my fucking blog…

I suppose like I’ve said in the past you like what you like.  It can’t always be explained.  However, there are some things you should either let go of, or should be left in the realm of the fantasies in your mind.

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If you’re not careful, this will be next…

Hell, get a Tumblr account, you will easily get your fill of cuckoldry in a matter of minutes.  There’s a whole community of cucks out there just waiting for you.

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