Be Specific, Not Afraid

There are many men in this world unhappy with where they are in their careers, marriages, and lives in general.  Men wonder to themselves everything from “why is my life so fucked up?” to “Is this all there is?  Is this as good as it gets?”  Have you ever wondered why this is?  Are you that guy?

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The truth is, I believe we are all that guy at some point.  People are generally vague about what the want or desire.  They have an abstract idea about where they want to be, but lack a specific goal or focus.  People don’t provide others, or themselves for that matter, a specific vision because they are afraid they will be unable to meet the goal, they don’t know how to get there, or they really don’t know exactly what it is they want.  There are a few people who have laser focus about what it is they want, but they are rare.

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For most men I believe fear is the reason we don’t put specifics on our goals.  After all, what if you don’t reach the goal?  People will judge, people will laugh.  People will think I’m a fool.

The truth is they may well do those things, but when they lie alone in bed at night, they will envy the man who tried and failed, who stepped off the safety of the porch to chase their dream.  They will respect the man who did what they were afraid to do.

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It’s a scary thing to put yourself out there for all to see and judge.  I mean, what if it doesn’t happen, what if you fail?  I believe a worse thing is to know in your heart you didn’t leave the couch because you were afraid.  Sure, others may think you wise taking the safe path, but deep down in your soul, where only you can see, you will  know the truth of why you chose the path of ease.  After all, what if you fail?  What if it doesn’t happen for you?

Better to live with that soul sucking job, better to learn to live without blow jobs, better to exist paycheck to paycheck drowning in debt.  Better to be vague right???

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