Where Have I Been?

Some of you are probably wondering WTF?  Where have you been?  I’ve been wondering the same thing.

Life has been crazy lately.  As I’ve said before, I have begun a new career after retiring from my previous line of work.  This one is completely different and there has been a learning curve.  It is a 100% commission field and it’s been tough at first, but I am finally seeing the fruits of my labor.  In addition, I am selling our current home after recently paying it off, I have bought a new home, my middle daughter just graduated from high school and is headed to college in the fall, leaving just Jr at home with us.  It seems there are never enough hours in the day, even when they start at 3:30 m in the gym.  I know… 3:30am WTF? I thought you were retired?  Old habits are hard to break.  I’ve been doing that for years and now it’s a habit.  I like the low density of the gym at that time, it’s mostly a bunch of older guys like me.

I will try to commit more time to posting.  I miss it.  I find it strangely therapeutic to hash out the shit rattling around in this pea brain.  To be honest, working in this new field that is mostly women, I’ve seen some weird stuff.  It is a different world.  My last career was almost exclusively male dominated.  Very few women (who weren’t lesbians) and my wife, although all woman, is not like many women playing the games they play.  She is more easy to deal with than some of the men I used to work with.  Relatively low maintenance, and not too much drama.  I now see my wife is the exception and not the rule.  If you fellas are having to put up with some of the shit I see daily from your wives I feel for you.  Drama and high maintenance are the rule most women.  My wife (who is in the medical field) even says she’d much rather work with men than women, the men are much easier to deal with and don’t get their feelings hurt so easily.  Although she admits, it’s close when working with a beta, pussy whipped man.

Well this turned out to be a rambling mess.  All this to say I’m going to try to post more.  Too much talking, need more action…  Well maybe this will help you forgive me.

Happy Memorial Day!

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