What’s Your Excuse?

Hunter Drew over at the The Family Alpha is doing a series of posts right now that you really need to check out.  He is always good for great information, but this series is one that will get a man thinking.  In his Day 13 post, he poses three questions that all men should ponder…no matter what their age or situation.  If you haven’t already, you should read the entire series.

Hunter says:

“I want you to separate your masculine spirit from your physical body & mind.

Then I want you to objectively ask yourself these three questions.

  1. If you were to die tonight, what would you regret having left undone?
  2. What do you wish you had done more?
  3. Were the excuses you used to keep yourself from taking action valid?”

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These are questions we should be asking ourselves on a regular basis.  Life can get busy, complicated, and we can easily lose focus on where we should be heading.  Excuses creep into our minds to justify why we don’t do things we know we should be doing.  Or why we do things we know we shouldn’t.  I believe that asking these questions of ourselves on a regular basis can help men keep their focus on what’s important.  I do something similar to this, and each time I do I realize the excuses I use for not stepping out on that limb and taking a chance is because I got too comfortable in the treehouse.

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Making sure the excuses you use for not challenging yourself are valid is a good exercise to keep you on track and to ensure you are not stagnating.  Often times you will find the excuses you give others (and yourself) as to why you are not trying that new scary thing are transparently bullshit.  There are times when staying put is a good strategy and being able to differentiate those times with times you stay put out of fear is the trick to the whole exercise.

Check out Hunter’s posts on the subject.  I think he will genuinely challenge you, even if you think “I’ve got this…”  He has a way of shining the light of truth in your eyes just when you need it most.

Kind of excuse related…

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