Picture Albums

My oldest was home from college last week for spring break.  It’s always good to have everyone home once in awhile.  Having us all together is becoming a rare occurrence these days.

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Last night after dinner she was preparing to head back to school, but wanted to get some old pictures to put together a photo album.  As we all sat around looking at the pictures and I realized a few things.

As much as I want these kids out of my house and off my payroll, I will miss it when everyone has their own families, things going on, and no longer has time for times like this.  I suppose that’s how things are supposed to be though.

When the kids were young, pre cell phones and camera phones in particular, we used old school cameras and film or a digital camera later.  The point is, in order to see the pictures you had to go somewhere and have them printed out.  Which resulted in boxes and boxes of old pictures along with albums with the best pictures.  As we went through the pictures last night, I noticed they seemed to end around the same time we first got IPhones.  My first was a 3GS I think.  Google tells me that  the 3GS came out June 9th, 2008.

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Nowadays, many people (us) take pictures on our phones and there they stay.  Until the phone craps out and you lose them or you delete them to make more space for storage because you keep getting that damn “storage almost full” message.  There are no more boxes of pictures to go through.  If you are young or have no kids you probably do not understand, but get a few years on you and you will love going through the old memories, some you have forgotten about.  Seeing old friends you haven’t thought of in a long time, but at one time were a huge part of your life until life separated you.  I didn’t want to go call anyone, but it was good seeing them again, if only in a picture.

If you have 400 pictures on your phone right now pick the best ones and print them out, particularly if they are of your kids or a good time you want to remember. You won’t be sorry.

Lastly, as we went through the pictures I realized just how long my wife and I have been together.  I think I’ve said before me met at 15 and began dating shortly after.  That was 1985-86.  We got married in 1993.  I’ve often wondered why we have the same taste in music, foods, homes, colors, we both like old cars and particularly trucks and jeeps, we both love the beach, even though she is a Yankee from New Jersey (I’ve about got that out of her system) and I am a proud redneck.    I know many couples who are polar opposites and constantly bicker over minor shit.  They are miserable to be around.  I wonder how the hell they ended up together and how they live like that.  I could not…would not.

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As I looked through all the pictures of us I realized it’s likely we are so similar because we grew up together.  We became adults together.  We developed interests and tastes together.  It’s why while I love going off with my guy friends, I’d much rather go with my wife.  It’s why I quit hunting 4 hours from home and spending log weekends up there.  My wife never once griped about me going hunting, even when we had small children.  Hell, for the two girls, both times she called me and I had to cut hunting trips short and come home because the babies were coming.

She is my buddy, we have a good time together.  She is as far from bi sexual as you can get. The thought of it makes her sick and she can’t understand the theory that “all women are bi in the right situation” like many say, but she will point out women for me to look at because she knows what I like.  Not too many wives will do that for their husband.

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She is a good, low maintenance woman  She drinks whiskey with me and doesn’t bitch when I occasionally smoke cigars.  I’ve seen friends wives go into a full blown pout over a cigar.  What the hell?  The worst part is when he says to me with a straight face, “I better not have one, she will get mad.”  or better yet, “I can’t, she will smell it on me.”  Really?

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This relationship can make it difficult at times to get into the light domination we enjoy.  Because we’ve been together so long there is no mystery to me with her.  No past she doesn’t know about.  She does enjoy me being a little rough, but we don’t go too far down that road because the few times we did it just didn’t feel natural.  We stick to light spanking, a hand on the throat and light restraints.  No whips, no belts, just a little edge.  I’d like to go a little further, not much, but it just gets weird.  I don’t know how to explain it.  I think we just know too much about each other because of the amount of time we’ve been together.  Maybe in time, we will see.

Either way, I’m good with it.  We’ve got a pretty good thing going…

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