A New Journey

I’ve been away for awhile.  I started a new career and I’ve been busy trying to learn a whole new field of work, completely different from the one I just retired from.  It has been awesome.  The best part is now I am my own boss.  I control my own destiny.  100% commission real estate sales.

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I took the state licensure class, then took the state test to get my license in January.  That test was no joke.  It has only a 50% pass rate state wide, I worked my ass off and passed it the first time.  It wasn’t easy studying for a test for the first time since high school, 30 years ago…and I didn’t study much then…  Nothing worth having comes easy though.

We will see where this goes.  I had a broker I had spoken to before I retired last September so as soon as I passed the test, I had a job.  I am enjoying it so far. It’s a smaller local brokerage so outside a few, there is not a cutthroat atmosphere I hear about in some of the larger, national companies.

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My wife cracked me up on the night I passed the test when she said “I’ve never slept with a realtor before.” as I climbed into to bed to begin our nightly festivities.  She makes me laugh sometimes…

Now that I’ve developed somewhat of a routine I will be back writing more.  I have a whole new world to observe outside the masculinity of law enforcement.  In fact, most of the people I work with are female.  Should be interesting…

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