Recognizing The Real Thing

Closeness and intimacy can be hard to recognize if you aren’t paying attention.  The passionate kiss…engaged tongues…is easy to spot.  However, it is not always a true indicator of intimacy.  Skin to skin contact can be closeness, but in reality one can pay for the same closeness with no feeling.  Sadly, some men a are paying for this without recognizing it…  While these things can indicate closeness, they have fooled many a man throughout time into thinking his woman is his partner.  The wise man looks closer.

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Intimacy is the unconscious hand to your woman’s back, gently guiding her to safety, her place, your bed, the touch is the same because all matter to you.  She submits to your will, your guidance, trusting you with her life.

It is the graze of hands that brings comfort to each other as your fingers interlock in times of unsettled discomfort or uncertainty delivered by life.  The one you truly share intimacy with brings settling calm with their grip.

Closeness is sharing things you only reveal to those worthy of your trust, something hard to find in today’s world.  Even among those closest to you.  Those regarded as friends are rarely worth of your trust if push comes to shove…

Self-centeredness is an epidemic today among men, women, married couples, everyone.  Finding someone to share with, to allow into your inner room, is a gem and should be protected, cared for, loved and appreciated.

Your intimacy is a precious commodity to women.  Don’t give it away to those unworthy of it.

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