“So what do you want from me? ” She asked this of him.  She thought to herself that after 24 years it should be clear what he wanted from her.  The trouble was that society had given him the idea that he should hide his masculinity and masculine wants, be ashamed of them, suppress them.  He no longer was submitting to society.  He had decided he was going to acknowledge and welcome his primal being and be who he really was, who he was meant to be all along…and she liked it, she had been waiting for it.  Best of all, he was good at it.  Probably because he was finally authentic and natural.

He had been looking over her many pictures and videos sent over the weeks leading up to this moment.  Images he had told her to send.  Images of her that she never thought she would send to anyone (including her husband), let alone allow to be recorded.  The risk of discovery was just too much, and yet…she did as he instructed, every time.  Now she is finally standing before him. She is naked, blindfolded, vulnerable and at his mercy.  Ready for his next order.  His new wife, not new, but renewed stood before him.  She was happy to be there, to be enjoyed for however long they desired.  No more limits, no more inhibitions for him or her.

He thought of her images, but his mind brought back her desperate eyes. He let her breathing before him bring back the memories of her staggered breath, released as she edged herself in the videos she submitted to him for his pleasure.

“Mike…?” she asked.

“I’m here.” he assured her.

“Listen carefully my kitten…” His words bringing her to full awareness of his authority over her.  She smiled to herself with this comforting thought.

“I want you dreaming of me every night and waking up at 3 am with your hand wandering down your body, more accurately, my body since you belong to me.  I want you to find your hand unconsciously, slowly, stroking yourself trying to find release from your sexual tension.  I want you to bring your fingers to your mouth and savor your sweet taste, the delicious flavor I crave from you.”

“I want you waking up with memories of dreams so real that you can taste the essence of my flesh upon your lips.  As you move through your morning workout I want the increased blood flow to flush you, sexually, as you think about the things you dreamt of the night before.”

“I want you craving to desperately belong to me… My deviant slut, toy, love of my life and precious obedient young Queen that I will love and without hesitation give me life for.  I want you to know you are all those things to me.  All equally important and all genuinely embraced by me.

“I want you… stripped naked, marked and owned.”

“I want your most depraved thoughts mingled with mine.  Our deepest carnal desires combined so we can  blaze our own trail and write our darkest fevered words upon each other and our world.”

“I want you ruined sexually so one else will be able to fill the void left by me…but me.”

The last sentence made her wonder. His word “ruined” echoed through her mind and heart.

What if she was… ruined?  What if her giving herself over to him completely did make all else pale in experience?

His soul called out to her. An incredible calling.  Every time he reached out to her, no matter how often during the day, a feeling rose from her core and as a dirty little minx, his minx, she answered his bidding.  He had already captured her.  He had corralled her wild, untamed thoughts, he had bridled her wild heart and soul and body.

Was she was already ruined?

What she knew for certain…she was addicted to this new authentic man he had become.  She had waited long enough.  She was finally happy, at ease, comfortable and his… She was okay with ruin at his hands…

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