Fantasy Vs Reality…

As a red blooded American man I’ll be the first to admit that although I try to avoid it, I do enjoy porn at times as much as the next guy.  Sometimes too much…  It can be arousing, and it can give some context to what you see in your mind or allow you to indulge in your particular kink or preference.

However, if you do decide to indulge in porn, remember it is a fantasy.  It is not real.  No more then anything produced in Hollywood.  It is designed to entertain, therefore embellishes what most of us know as sex.  AKA “Based on a true story.”  Porn can portray an ideal that is impossible to achieve in reality.  In porn, the women are flawless, the men all have 10 inch dicks and last for hours.  The women all orgasm, repeatedly, from nothing but his piston like fucking.

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If a future civilization found our porn today they would likely be impressed by how slim and big breasted the women are and how well endowed the men are.  They would likely feel quite inadequate.  Not to mention the pretzel like positions used, that are usually more for the genital camera shot than pleasure, which would land most of us in the hospital.

Look, fantasies are exciting and arousing, porn is meant to be fantasy.  If  it was real life why would any one buy it?  Who would want to see porn where someone gets a cramp, runs out of breath, or God forbid farts.  Those are but a few of the things that make up reality sex.

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When you have sex it is a good idea as a man to have a plan for the evenings events.  Women like that.  However, be flexible and if something isn’t working like it did in the video you saw, move on to something that does.  Life is not scripted, neither should sex be scripted.

Always remember that the professionally produced porn is just that, professionals, with the magic of computers and editing to make them look even better.  In my opinion you’d be better off comparing yourself to a NFL player, at least that game they play is real.  Their skills are real.  Not edited to maximize the entertainment.  Besides, have you seen the pictures of porn stars with and without make up?  Damn!  I don’t care what position they can get in, some look so bad I wouldn’t fuck them with your dick…

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The sad thing is your wife is likely comparing herself to that professional image.  That may be the reason she won’t allow a video camera in the bedroom or send you nudes from the dressing room.  She is worried you are comparing her to the porn star she found on your browsing history.

You are a grown man and if you want to watch porn, you make that decision.  I’m not going to try to sway you with moral arguments or any other judgement.  If you do use porn, do not let it impact your relationship with your wife.  If she won’t do that thing you really like, watching it in porn likely won’t help.  In fact it will probably make you resent your wife for not doing it.  After all, “This chick in this movie is doing “that thing” for money and doesn’t know this guy or care about him, my wife supposedly loves me and she won’t do it for me…”  Sound familiar?

Porn is a fantasy, your reality is (likely) not a porn movie so keep them both in perspective… If it is, you are one lucky bastard…

Fantasy VS Reality…

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