Yes You

My wife, blonde hair, chocolate eyes, a smile that lights my life, a body that brings out my darkest most primal thoughts.  Yes, you.

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You’ve seen me watching, looking, taking you in. You’ve seen me stare, unflinching, gazing as if presented with a landscape which I own that I want imprinted in my memory for all time.  All as I watch you simply undress.

You’ve seen the way my eyes taste your curves, devour your form. You’ve seen the way my eyes follow your spine, around the round of your breasts, cling to your hips, consuming your legs, your ass, all the way to your purring folds now swelling with aroused tension.  Tension from the scent of my animalistic hunger for you.

You’ve noticed how I adjust as you enter our room, the way I lick my lips with lustful hunger. You’ve seen the way I unconsciously scratch my stomach, hands trailing down the trail that leads to my swelling manhood below.

I’ve seen you as well.  I’ve seen the desperate look in your eye as you watch me move.  I’ve seen the lick of your lip, the wandering of your hands across your body.  I’ve seen the ruby flush of your breasts spread across your chest despite your attempts to will the arousal away.  I’ve seen you notice my gaze and respond by teasingly improving my view.  I’ve seen you too.

Now I am going to show you what I am going to do about it.  I will teach you what happens when a man is devilishly and intentionally enticed by his woman.  I will give you what you’ve been waiting for…

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