His Victory… Her Surrender

She is awakened from the comfort of her slumber of innocence with which she displays to the world and which she deceives herself.  To her fantasies deep within she surrenders.  Despite her attempts to withstand him, she accepts his victory over her.

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He had descended upon her.  He has draped her in his lust.  She feels the familiar sensation of the rush of blood between her thighs, her nipples are taught.

He is driven as if with vengeance for trying to resist him, he has captured her and now is ready to enjoy his spoils of victory.  She can no longer escape his touch, nor does she desire to.  He now awaits her fate at his desirous hands.

Image result for black and white erotic photography bondage

She almost cries out “Take me!”, but she knows he will not be ordered.  She knows he gives the commands now.  She is at his mercy.

He forcefully penetrates her defenses, any reservations are now defeated.  His mouth warms her neck, his tongue charms her skin.

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She is weakening under his relentless assault upon her mind and body.  She is now consumed by desire as well.  He removes her panties and it’s as if she is now naked before him not only physically, but emotionally as well.  She is exposed to him completely.  Mind, soul and of course…body.

He delves into the depths of her gently at first, then with lustful determination.  She exhales at his touch with complete abandon.  As she releases, she realizes he has exposed, even to her, the darkest of her yearnings.  The things women keep secret out of fear of discovery by others and sometimes themselves.

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She finds herself meeting his tongue with her hips, trying to get closer as he teases her.  Her thighs quiver and reveal the feelings she has tried so hard to hide while trying to be the “good” girl, the lady of “nice” society.

He torments her with his warm breath on her lips and thighs, his greedy flicks, circling tongue, a finger or two exploring her conquered depths.  She thinks to her self “Oh God” He shows her no mercy.

She is coming undone before him.  Because of him.  His name escapes her lips in a whimper.  He knows all her places both near and far.

All she can think now is “please…satiate me.  Plunge into me knowing the control you have over me.  Deep inside me.”

She wants no part of her vacant.  She longs to be devoured by him completely, physically and mentally.

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His pounding rhythm overtakes her and she pulls him in close.  She desires him to lose himself to her because she is already his.  Sweet surrender overcomes her as she is saturated in his love.  He holds her tight to him as she receives his love.  As they bask in their liquid of ecstasy.


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