Eyes Open

He confidently grabs her by her ankles and pulls her toward him at the edge of their bed. Still gripping her ankles, he opens her wide, positioning each leg apart, deliciously uncomfortably apart.  Not physical discomfort, just exposed.  But the discomfort is fleeting  as he releases her ankles and runs his hands insistently down their length, from ankle to the heat of her blood filled, pulsating center.


He wraps his arms tightly around her hips and bottom, he lifts her to him, she arches to meet him.  After teasing her for a moment by lingering at her entrance, enjoying her frustration, he plunges himself into her wetness in one deliciously selfish stroke.

Still at first, fully inside, then slowly he retracts only to thrust back in.  As he increases his rhythm, she matches his pace.  He says to her with calm and confidence “Look at me while I fuck you.”  No growl, no menace, just a deliberate order.  She complies and locks eyes with him.  He then says “Stroke yourself and come for me.”  Again, she complies, but can no longer keep her eyes open.  She feels his right palm deliver a sharp slap to her left buttock.  Sharp, painful, but not hurtful, mitigated by her arousal.  “Eyes open” he orders.  She obediently does as she’s told.

Moments later she can hold off no more, her release comes in blissful waves as he continues to pound her, his thighs slapping her ass with each hungry thrust.  He is right behind her as she finishes and comes with a familiar, primal growl she knows from him well.

Image result for woman legs spread black and white erotic photography

They catch their breath, him still inside her she can still feel him, still slowly pulsing.  He leans over, brushes her hair to the side, kisses her forehead and whispers in her ear, “Good girl…I’m proud of you…”

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M J Davis

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