Daylight Comes

She lies in a break, the crack between darkness and light, conscious and unconscious, dream and wake.  It is in this hazy state located between two worlds where he comes to her, stirs her from her slumber.

He steps out of her shadowy dreams, his silhouetted form appears to her, his form she knows as well as her own after all the years she has spent exploring it.  Yet, there are still parts of him, particularly in his mind, she does not know.  She wants to find.

He fills the space beside her in their bed.  His weight sinks their mattress, the pillow folds as he rests his head next to hers.  His warmth fills the cold dark space in which she lies.  She can feel his heat loosening her body, relaxing her, as his presence always does.

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As she stirs, approaching her arousal from her full state of sleep, he moves to her.  His body meets her feminine, soft, yet gym firmed, naked body.  His hands play with her curls, his lips brush along the curve of her neck and down her back.  Stopping just above her left hip, gives her a slight bite which although hurts, brings her comfort in her knowledge of his ownership of her.

She is now filled with the pleasure of his firm, but loving touch, she is securely in his grip.  It is in his confident grasp and hungry arms she moves to him.  Wrapped in his hard, tattooed arms, his heartbeat and breath mingling with hers, she relishes the familiar sensation of his hot, silky hardness against the skin of her hip.  Her head is pulled tight to his muscled chest.

Just as she is giving herself over to the man who has owned her for all these years, daylight beams through and she senses morning has come, the spell is broken and she finds herself alone and alight with the desire he has stirred in her.  While he disappears into the bright light of the morning sun, she finds her phone and sends him a desperate text to hurry home from the gym, daylight has come and she is aflame…she is in need of his shade to put out her fire…

M J Davis

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