I Love The Chase

I love the chase.  By the chase I mean the hunt.  The quest man has been on since the beginning of time to satisfy his lustful hunger.  Much like actual hunger, the sexual appetite may be satisfied temporarily, but soon you will feel the pangs of hunger returning as your appetite grows once again.  As men, we have hunger for other things, competition, success, recognition, respect, but the hunger for a woman is always in the background.  Like white noise at a low decibel until the volume is turned up by our carnal nature.

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I used to hate the chase.  I used to wonder why it was all up to me.  Why I had to constantly be on the prowl.  Then, I realized that the prowl is my natural state.  Whether stalking the evil in this world or stalking the woman in my life, chasing is what I was born to do.  The chase makes me happy.  The chase makes me feel alive and allows me to see in color.

There are few things more satisfying than the stalk of your wife, slowly raising her level of arousal towards you without her realizing it.  Until one day she is submitting to your will and doesn’t really know why.  Submission is not her psyche, she thought, yet there she is firmly in your grasp and willingly bearing her neck to you…  locked in your jaws.  She loves it and is not sure why, she has been told all her life that submitting to the predator (men) is not proper and shows weakness, she should be the predator, yet she can’t seem get enough of your sexual control over her.  In your control feels natural to her.

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The chase takes work, practice and development of skill.  The hunt must be learned and perfected over time.  You know you have arrived when just the knowledge of the fact that a hunter of your skill is pursuing them, whether evil men or your woman, prompts them to surrender to you out of respect for your skill.

If you hone your craft correctly, you will get to the point where a simple direction or look results in immediate and enthusiastic action by your woman.  With minimal instruction she knows exactly what you want her to do, where you want her and how you want her.  This is the realm of the apex predator.  Where she delights in being your prey.

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It is good to be King, but never get too comfortable.  A challenger for her loyalty is always lurking in the shadows, waiting for his opportunity to steal your prey from you.

M Davis

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