Calm Her Storms

Something to remember about today’s busy, intelligent woman is that she finds it difficult to find quiet in her mind.  Her daily obstacles, pressures, responsibilities, desires, and sometimes demons, relentlessly penetrate her attempts to find inner peace.

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The cure for this is to sensually and powerfully overcome the noise keeping her stimulated, unable to rest.  Overwhelm her senses with the calm of your still waters.

Yes, do this with your physical dominance over her, in which she finds great comfort, use your primal masculinity and direct her to where she can find her calm.  However, also utilize your other skills that still her rough seas and balance your firm hand with affection.

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Using your God given tools as a man, and her protector, you will fulfill her expectations that she has forgotten in the whirlwind of her life.  Your strength in the winds of her storm will jar her into submission.  She will find her submission a refuge from the volatility of her angry sea.

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She will then, after realizing the safety of your harbor, unleash a torrent of her pent up need for submissive pleasing.  She will experience the freedom of surrender and when she purely experiences the complete release in her surrender to you, she will finally feel at peace.

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The peace to be yours.  Uninhibited by her demons and what her media poisoned conscious mind tells her to resist.  Her unconscious, primal and raw mind will take over.  Her uninhibited mind will release her to your care, to be yours to mold into whatever you feel she needs to be.  She will be free to please her liberator as she and you desire.

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M J Davis

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