Be The Man Your Wife Secretly Desires

Many women, if not most, love submission to a dominant, powerful man.  Notice I said dominant, not domineering, there is a difference.  Just look at the popularity of the 50 Shades of Grey book series.  Now, I recently saw a sequel is coming out to the 50 shades movie.  Keep in mind, the popularity of the 50 Shades franchise and remember all the criticism for poor writing and unrealistic story lines.  The movie and books were bashed mercilessly, but now they are making a sequel.  Hollywood executives would not be spending money on a sequel if they believed there was not a market for it.  I can assure you, the 50 Shades series has reached it’s heights of popularity because of women, not men.  Suburban women just can’t get enough of Christian Grey.  This is but one example of the feminine desire for submission to a worthy man.

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What does this mean for the married man? It means you have some work cut out for you.  Both sex and dominance is a skill that must be learned.  Some men posses natural ability, however, a skilled natural dominant likely would not be married.  The traits that give this natural ability can conflict with the constraints of the everyday life of marriage.  So that leaves most of us men with learning a new skill.  Does that mean we are faking, like some allege?  No, it means  that like many things in life we need to learn, practice, hone our skills to be proficient at something.

Learning how the female mind works can seem like a tall order, but most things worth having in life do not come easy.  A woman will respond to a man’s control, even at times violent dominance, if she feels he will lead her to a destination she wants to be, in addition to providing pleasure along the way.  Even the most venomous feminist loathes a weak, submissive male, despite her shrill cries for equality or even power over men.  At their core, they want a man they feel safe with who they can depend on if the proverbial shit hits the fan.

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As you learn, and workout the “kinks” of the sexual dominance of your wife, you will fail at times.  Expect it.  Do not dwell on failures, but learn from them.  Not all women will like the same things and just because an ex liked something, or you read that “a lot of women” like something, it doesn’t mean your wife will like it.  Everyone is different and coming from a different perspective.  Remember, when she resists something you try, do not get mad.  Simply brush it off and move on.  Do not show her it bothers you or act butt hurt.  Pouting is not a trait of a dominant man, that is a boy who didn’t get his cookie.

The hamster is strong with women.  Whether it’s her resistance to certain acts because in her mind good girls don’t do that or a feminist in her trying to take over, she is likely to resist certain things that may seem vanilla.  Especially if it is in a long term relationship where this is outside the norm.  The long term marriage can be especially challenging because of the years of dynamics established over time.  She may feel submitting will change the relationship, and it will, in a good way.  The key is to make sure she is sufficiently aroused before pushing an envelope you think may result in resistance.  Arousal makes a huge difference in what one will agree to in the heat of a moment.  When she does submit and forge new ground with you, do not ridicule her or make fun of her when it’s over.  Encourage her and praise her for being a good girl…your good girl.  Many women love that and in reality, that’s  what they desire.  To belong to a worthy, powerful man.

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Most women living in suburban America lead boring lives and are surrounded by neutered males.  The dominant man they desire resides in the dark corners of their minds.  All while they live in reality with their pussy whipped husband who always wants to make “sweet love” to her thinking that’s what she wants.  Men don’t tell women what they really want out of a fear of being judged by their wives, women do the same thing.  This is a recipe for an unfulfilling sexual married life.  Which brings us back to the allure of Christian Grey, does it not?

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Guess what?  Although Christian Grey is a fictional fantasy character, if your wife is willing to look just a little, the dominant man she desires is out there willing to tame her sexual desires for you.  Make a reality of her fantasies that her husband is unwilling or unable to fulfill.  He will take her places she has never been.  Show her parts of herself she never knew existed.  She will be afraid and elated at the same time.  Wouldn’t you rather be that guy?  Learn to be the man she secretly desires, not the schmuck she tells everyone she wants on Facebook with memes about men and housework.  Housework will not get you laid no matter what you hear from the bored, undersexed women of America.  Getting inside her mind and being the man most women crave is what will drive her to follow you wherever you wish to take her, all while she thanks you for it.

M. J. Davis

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