Despite Her Will

She had always felt feminine and fragile, but strong willed.  She found he had a way of breaking that will she clung to so tightly.  Telling herself that her will made her strong gave her an hard outer shell, but he easily cracked her shell and exposed her tenderness.

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Despite her strong will, he brought out her femininity and a need to serve him.

Instead of using dress to cover her, he dressed her to highlight.  To expose her.  Reveal what he felt were her alluring assets despite her lingering insecurities.

He dressed her for him to view, enjoy, treasure as he saw fit.

He dressed her to prepare her for the corruption of her body he was planning in his mind.

His assuredness comforted her and left her without insecurity, without fear of his plans for her.

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Under his care she transformed into his girl, the one he knew she could be.  The woman she knew she could become, if only the right man could draw her out, only for him…

M. J. Davis

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