It’s 4am and he wakes for the gym.  He feels the warmth of her body next to him in the bed.  He feels her firm ass pressed against his left hip.  He has awoken with a hardness that makes it difficult to ignore.  She is sleeping deeply and soundly, the day awaits both of them so he ignores his instinct for now and readies for his workout.

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She arrives at the gym a little after him.  He is well into his workout when he sees her familiar face approaching.  She gives him a kiss for all to see, then busies herself with her workout.  He feels the familiar tenseness in his pelvis as she walks away.  He admires her form in the workout clothes she carefully selects for him to enjoy.  He ignores his instinct for now.

They are back home now, together in the shower.  He is leaned casually against the wall as he watches her lather, wash and shave.  He smiles with the thought of his ownership of her.  Her body wet, her curves glisten and call to him, he again feels the familiar stirring in his loins as he hardens in the moment.  However, time is short.  Work and the days responsibilities loom ahead.  There is no time.  He ignores his instincts for now.

Throughout the day, in times of idleness, his thoughts wander to his woman.  He thinks about the way she casually, confidently goes through her day with the knowledge she is owned, protected and desired by him.  Her sexuality draws out the primal instinct in him.  He ignores his instincts for now.

The day is almost over.  As they ready for bed, his instinct has become difficult to ignore.  He is already stripped bare and wastes no time in stripping her without saying a word.  She doesn’t resist, she knows it’s time.  He takes her long hair in the firm grasp of his right hand as his left wraps around her delicate throat.  He thinks to himself that she keeps her hair exactly how he told her he likes it.  She looks into his eyes and sees his lust, his instinct, and says to him “I’ve been waiting for you to come out and play…”

Image result for black and white erotic hair pull

To her delight, he ignores his instincts no more…

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