The Backyard Tree

This is an email I sent to my wife on Sunday while she was at work.  This is typical of our interactions, a little sweet to let her know I still care after all these years and little dirty to let her know I still like to fuck her after all these years.  I like to keep her on her toes…


As I was walking the backyard, thinking of what we should do landscape wise, something occurred to me.  This tree is magnificent. The bark, the sun shining through the split.  Natural beauty is all around us if we open our eyes.  My personal landscape includes your natural beauty.



I know that sounds sappy, but it is literally what occurred to me as I took in the view.  If it helps to show you I’m not a full blown queer, I did also picture you leaned against the tree, wearing nothing but boots, as I was fucking you from behind…  See, there’s that guy you know and love.  He’s still here!

Love you…

KODAK Digital Still Camera

A picture I took of one of our seven Live Oak trees.  An arborist said two of them are over 300 years old.   

A little background on the “full blown queer” comment, my wife hates what she refers to as girly men.  She’s not much on sweet talk or love letters.  She is very reserved emotionally, I think in our 30 years together I’ve seen her cry twice.  She likes her men manly, hates hairless guys thinking they look feminine, she doesn’t like when men “true love” women publicly, such as on Facebook etc…  I know she is likely the exception, and most women are not like her, but I find her to be an excellent woman to be married to who is easy to deal with, throwing very few shit tests my way.  It means for me, I have a low maintenance wife who likes my chest hair and likes her sex, once warmed up, hard and a little rough.  She like to know she is having sex with a man full of vigor and passion.  Life is good.   

M J Davis   

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