2016 Didn’t Suck

As I sit here on another New Year’s Eve I wonder why all the hate for 2016?  Social media is filled with people cursing 2016 and bidding it a farewell with great prejudice.  I realize everyone has different struggles in their lives, but honestly, many people’s struggles are self inflicted.

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Granted, many may still be mourning the election of Donald Trump, to which I say get over it.  We had to deal with 8 years of Barrack Hussein Obama’s force feeding us his liberal, Islamic loving, reign of hate for America and the great things it was built on.  Not one of those years did I let Obama ruin my year, despite his hands constantly in my pockets. (Obamacare causing skyrocketing health insurance for one)

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There is a saying that goes something to the effect of Where you are today is a sum total of the decisions you have made thus far in your life.  While sometimes shit happens, most obstacles  are a result of a lack of personal responsibility.  We all fuck up, but the difference is all of us do not incessantly bemoan our failures and blame them on others.  Some of us evaluate, make adjustments, and move on.

If you are one of those hating on 2016, realize your misery has nothing to do with a calendar.  If you do not realize that, prepare for an equally miserable 2017.  The proper thing to do is look at where you can improve and take actions to make it happen.

Personally, I look around me and see those in my life who were not fortunate enough to make it to this 2016 New Year’s Eve.  Do I have all I want in my life?  Could things be better? Hell yes they can.  However, I appreciate all I have been given by God.  If you do not believe, then I suppose you can appreciate all you have given yourself.  Either way, look at the good in your life, look at the positive.  Don’t ignore the negatives and the failures, but do not dwell on them.  See them as opportunities for improvement.

Honestly, if you are bitching about your station in life on your IPhone or computer, using the internet, probably with a full belly, you really need to assess your grip on reality.  You are a fortunate human being in this world awash in millions (or billions) who survive in abject poverty.

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Appreciate all you have no matter where you think it comes from.  You will be a much happier and more successful person.

As I sit here drinking my Crown and Coke on New Year’s Eve 2016, I raise my glass and toast both you and 2016.  I wish you well in 2017 and beyond.  Now go out tomorrow and kick 2017’s ass.

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