Something New To Them

In order for many women to let go and surrender they need to feel safe, aroused, at peace.  That is what he provides for her, he gives her the gift of submitting to her true nature of submissiveness that she doesn’t want the world to see.  She doesn’t want to be judged by her peers for succumbing to a base desire that burns inside her.  This is what she has been waiting for from him.


She found his lightly outlining of her lips with his fingertip, his kissing her tenderly, but with ownership a surprise.  She was surprised but ready for whatever he had planned for her.

She kneeled before him slightly off balance and swaying with lightheaded desire, her skin’s nerve endings alight with a need to be touched, begging silently, but denied.  She heard him say don’t move as she felt him walk away for a moment.  She found her anticipation unbearable.

She hadn’t heard him return, lost in her thoughts.  She was startled when he ordered her to open her eyes.  She found him standing bare before her, riding crop in hand and cocky smile spread across his face.  She found the picture sexy and delightfully arousing.

She immediately felt her pace of breath quicken and her nipples harden.  A fresh flush of blood rushed to her already tingling thighs and pelvis.  Her body was ready, but her mind was resisting this show of dominance by her husband.  She loved being under his control, but this was new and she was now aroused and afraid at the same time.  His firmness with her was confusing, but comforting to her.


He raised a finger to her lips to stop her anticipated protest and she found peace in his confidence and self assuredness.  She felt safe with him.

He raised the crop and pressed the leather tip gently to her face, sliding it down her jaw, neck, and chest.  He pulled her close and kissed her once more just in case she had any doubt left.  She did not.

He lowered the crop to her right hip resting the leather against her skin.  She looked down and saw the black implement in his hand.  He had a tight grip on the handle.  She noticed his muscled forearm looked tense, veins showing prominently.  She saw his hardness piercing the dim light.  She could see his arousal at her submission to him.  His arousal added to her pleasure in the moment.


She decided it was time to close her eyes and submit to his darkness.  It was time as she was stood up and turned around and bent over by him, her palms placed on the bed, and she willingly bared herself, she succumbed to his will as he ran the leather crop tip lightly and gently across backside, gliding over her cheeks, just grazing her exposed folds, sending pleasurable shivers to her core.  She waited with anxious, aroused anticipation for what came next from him…

M J Davis

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