I Couldn’t Stay Away

I know I said it may be a few days before I make a new post, but I couldn’t stay away.  As I was reading Mark’s Daily Apple which is a blog I keep up with regarding paleo related topics I saw this post.  In short, it is written by a young woman who has embraced the paleo lifestyle to improve her health and the health of those around her.  What prompted me to make this post is one of the comments by someone named BChristine.

“Inspiring story. I only wish there were more people in mainstream medicine like you … someday maybe? Nutrition is sooo critical to overall health.”

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While it is an innocent, well intentioned comment, there is something missing.  If you go to the doctor because you are unfit, out of shape, fat and suffering from problems related to poor diet, it is naïve at a minimum and a lie at worst to try to blame your doctor for your poor diet.  Even those with just a rudimentary knowledge of health and fitness know what is healthy and what is not.  We all know we must move from the couch once in awhile.  However, people choose not to, then blame their doctors, poor genetics, dietary habits dictated by their busy lifestyle etc…

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All of these are excuses for our inability to instill self control upon ourselves.  All are evidence of our growing inability to accept personal responsibility for our actions.  Yes, doctors should be better educated on the merits of dietary changes.  But, lets be realistic.  Most of America would rather take a pill than eat a vegetable or get out of the recliner and go for a walk.

I am not immune from a lack of self control at times…maybe too much…  The difference is I blame the man in the mirror.  It is nobody’s fault I ate half a pizza last night  but my own.  I don’t necessarily follow the paleo lifestyle completely, but I do keep up with blogs and websites I feel will improve my knowledge and health so I make good dietary decisions.

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Educate yourself on what you should and should not be eating and ignore the government recommendations.  They are bullshit.  Take responsibility for your actions and your health.  It will be time and effort well spent.

M J Davis

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