A Change In Direction

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Many of you who are following, or have visited this site recently, will be surprised and possibly disappointed.  I have decided to change the theme of this blog.  The old content was my latest of several attempts to have a red pill marriage blog.  I have started a red pill marriage blogs few times in the past, and judging from my web traffic and followers I was fairly successful with my content.  However, each time for different reasons, I closed the blog only to be called back to get the word out.  Using red pill marriage principles I turned our marriage around by making significant changes with myself and our marriage.  The changes transformed our marriage from a good, but passionless, low sex marriage to a great, high sex marriage filled with passion.  I felt fortunate that after the lengthy run of bad, duty sex we had we were in a place where sex is anticipated by both of us.  The only change was the transformations I made, my wife transformed herself as a result of my own changes.  The result is the success we are now enjoying, and have enjoyed for the past several years.

As I worked on my previous blogs, I would peruse the manosphere and related forums for topics.  I would also note observations in my own life and those around me.  I would use these topics men were struggling with to compose posts with my humble opinion on how to handle them.  I do not claim to be a professional, I’m just a guy who was on the verge of going nuts due to the drip feed of sex I was getting, but with some work and honest self evaluation, was able to turn things around.  I simply shared what worked for me.

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However, as time went on I found the topics just began repeating themselves with only slight variations.  It was the same old too much nice guy, too much beta, shit tests from wives, etc…  I lost my inspiration to write because it all sounded the same to me when I wrote it.  I didn’t want to just make posts for sake of posting.  I wanted my information to be useful to someone who needed it.  In addition, there were plenty of other sources written by men who were doing great things with their blogs getting the message across.  I decided I needed to make a change.  I still follow the guys putting out quality stuff and you will find their websites in my blogroll.  For now, I’m leaving that topic to them, they are doing a great job.  I will continue to occasionally post red pill marriage thoughts as they occur, but my focus will be different.  I removed most of my previous posts and I am evaluating them for content, repetition, and negativity.  I want no negativity on this site.  Life is filled with negativity and nobody needs more of it.  I will give honesty, which one can construe as negative, but that will not be the intent.  I will repost them as I go through them interspersed with new content posts.

One thing I have always enjoyed is writing short erotic stories for my wife.  Being a very sexual man, inspiration comes easy for me being married to an attractive wife of almost 24 years.  We began dating in high school (30 years ago) so there is a lot of material for me to work with.  My focus is primarily monogamous, heterosexual couples.  While we have no issues with homosexuals, the thought of engaging in homosexual sex does not appeal to either of us at all.  This also goes for bringing others into our marital bed.  Although I know there is a large fan base for men wanting their wives to have sex with other men, the thought of some other dude fucking my wife sickens me.  I don’t understand the draw of being cuckolded.  If that’s what you are into, I’m not judging or saying you shouldn’t partake, it’s just not for us and you won’t find those things here.

Is I looked around for blogs written by people with similar interests, I came up empty.  There are some good ones, but most of them involve threesomes, foursomes and moresomes, heavy BDSM (we like a little spanking, some restraints etc.., but not heavy beatings, face slapping), homosexuality of some kind (two girls are hot, but it does nothing for my wife and we both dislike the image of two dudes having sex).  Also, many who have “sex blogs” are very liberal politically, atheists or at least dislike “organized religion”, are pro abortion, and their views continually come out in their writing.  I can look past much of it, but some talented writers find it necessary to constantly push their agenda instead of focusing on their writing.

To be upfront we are conservatives fiscally, but go libertarian on some issues such as legalization of marijuana and regulated prostitution.  In future posts I may go into why we feel this way on issues such as these.  We are Christians (Catholic, but save your hate mail, I will not be judged by you or engage anyone on religion in this forum, God is the only one who can judge a man.  Everything else is just man’s opinion of what is good or not good.  It really doesn’t matter what we think)  I may differ from you on these issues, but other than here you will not see posts about religion or lecturing you on why you should believe.  Religion is a personal issue that rests with each person to decide for themselves.

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With all that being said, some my find what I write boring.  However, while I want people to enjoy it and possibly use it to inspire them in their lives, I am writing for myself and the guy out there who needs it.  If it is not for you I understand.  I will use this blog as an outlet for my creative side.  Much of what I write will be male dominant because that is what we are into, but there may be some female dominant stories interspersed now and then.  Not too much though, I don’t like to give up too much control and my wife hates “girly men” as she calls them.  She likes men with muscle, body hair, facial hair (beards), tanned and tattooed.

Lucky for her, I fit that bill…

Those of you who currently follow me I appreciate it and hope you stay.  However, I understand if you decide not to, it is not what you signed up for.  I wish you well and hope you find the success in your marriage you are looking for.

I likely will not post again until next week at the earliest.  I hope you all have a good Christmas and Happy New Year.  Make 2017 your year.

M J Davis

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