Dark Of The Night

It is hunger.  The raw, insatiable hunger once again interrupts his sleep.  His primal animal desire for her.  Her need to be taken, feasted upon, owned by him.  At 4am they look at each other.  The alarm is not far off that will begin their day with gym, work, family.

While their hunger needs to be fed, it is beginning to look somewhat weary .  They are exhausted, both them and their desire, but continue to circle each other in the early hour of the day. Their own witching hour no one else can see.

She is nothing but a silhouette in the dark. Nothing more than a delicious female form, texture, flavor, scent.  Her heated, sweet, needful aroma fills the space between her legs, the bed, the entire room, only enticing his hunger even more.  Tanned body on dark sheets begging to be soiled.  Lust heated skin, wetness flowing.  Hands, arms, fingers, all tingling, barely able to move, manage to find their way to his chest, hips, then his hardness.

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He aches for release, for relief, for pleasure.  He craves her lips wrapped around him, tongue teasing him, taking him in deeply, feeling her moan in her throat.  He wants to pause, wait for her hips to reach for him, letting him know her hunger, teasing her until he is ready to take her and fill her completely.  Her desire is for both pain and pleasure at his hands, the painful pleasure of his strength applied to her backside… lovingly, but with the authority over her she craves from him.  She desires the sweet, sharp sting.  She desires his hand wrapped around her neck, not chocking, but squeezing and displaying his ownership of her.  Her heavy eyelids, heavy from restless nights long to see him at the foot of their bed.  Tasting her.  Long for his strong hands to work their way up her calves, thighs, across and into her body.  Every way, any way, all the way in.  Stroking her sweet spot as he tastes her until she is brought to the incredible release that will bring her back to a restful slumber…

Doing Marriage Right

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